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HBM Data Acquisition Software, Visualization Software and Analysis Software

Professional software is the key to successful test and measurement. HBM's powerful data acquisition software packages enable you to get your results quickly. Professional software offering maximum ease of use, know-how and expandability.

Data Aquisition Software

HBM offers three different types of data acquisition software: catman AP, catman Enterprise and Perception. While catman AP is suitable for most users, catman Enterprise is ideal for applications with a high channel count. Whereas Perception is optimized for high-speed data acquisition with maximum sampling rates.

catman AP: Data acquisition software

catman® measurement softwareHBM's catman AP data acquisition software is the intuitive and professional software solution for fast and easy acquisition and visualization of your measurement results.

catman AP - Data aquisition software

catman Enterprise: Data acquisition software for high channel counts

Be it dozens or hundreds of thousands of channels - catman Enterprise software enables you to keep control even of complex test setups.

catman Enterprise - Data aquisition software for high channel counts

Perception: High-speed data acquisition software

Percpetion data acquisition softwarePerception software is available for users of high-speed data acquisition systems from the Genesis HighSpeed family.

Perception - High-speed data acquisition software

Fatigue and durability software

ncode durability testing softwareThe nCode GlyphWorks, nCode DesignLife and nCode Automation software packages set standards in virtual fatigue and stress testing worldwide.

nCode - Fatigue and durability testing software

Production software

FASTpress Suite production monitoring softwareHBM's industrial software FASTpress Suite ideally supports industrial amplifiers: Many attractive FASTpress Suite packages are available.

FASTpress Suite - Industrial data acquisition software

Weighing software

AEDPanel 32 weighing technology softwareFor dynamic weighing and other tasks: The AEDPanel software for customers in the field of weighing technology.

AEDPanel - Weighing software

Data acquisiton software

Data acquisition software

Software for high-channel counts

High-speed data acquisition software

Software para DAQ de alta velocidad

Fatigue and durability software

Virtual testing with nCode software