MID-conform system solutions for weighing technology

The new DWS2103 digital scale display from HBM can be used to easily set up legal-for-trade scales which meet the new European measuring instruments directive (MID – Measuring Instruments Directive) and the directive 2009/23/EC for non-automatic weighing machines.

The PTB has issued several type approvals for the new DWS2103 digital scale displays from HBM.

As one of the appointed approval bodies in Europe, the PTB has issued several type approvals in this case for various types of automatic and non-automatic scales. The scale display works with analog and digital load cells such as the types FIT and C16I. Analog load cells can also be connected via the digital transducer electronics AED.

Automatic, non-automatic scales and complete weighing systems can therefore be very easily realized. The new scale display is of particular interest for industrial applications where the control system is implemented via a PLC and standard field buses. The digital transducer electronics AED are ideal suited for upgrading such applications to a legal-for-trade solution very easily and cost-effectively.

The 2004 European measuring instruments directive (MID) has been included in national German law since 2007 through an amendment to the weights and measures act. The requirements in the area of weighing technology include, in particular, protection against manipulation in data transmission, for example from a digital load cell or scale to the display unit.

In the DWS2103 scale display, data transmission is implemented with the encryption process Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which works with a 256 bit key. This modern encryption algorithm also meets the requirements of the WELMEC guideline 7.2. Manipulation during data transmission is thereby prevented so that the legal-for-trade capability of a scale is always ensured.

The scale display DWS2103 supplements the HBM modular system for legal-for-trade weighing systems. This offers the customer all products and systems, from OEM boards via digital load cells to complete weighing systems, including displays and interfaces, for integration within customer systems.

The main applications lie in the fields of filling, dosing, portion weighing, checkweighing, mixing, process control and static weighing. Scales ranging from 0.5 g to 3,000 t can be realized with the HBM system solutions.