Piezoelectric force washers up to 700 kN

The measurement technology specialist HBM has expanded its range of piezoelectric force washers and now provides CFW type force washers with nominal ranges of up to 700 kN.

The CFW type force washers are now available with nominal ranges of up to 700 kN.

The different types now cover nominal ranges from 20 kN to 700 kN, enabling numerous applications in production monitoring or for force measurement in machines. Due to the large geometric dimensions of the force washer with the largest nominal range, it is also suitable for use in correspondingly massive constructions.

Piezoelectric force sensors have a very small displacement, therefore evidencing a correspondingly high stiffness. As the signal does not depend on the measuring range, the piezoelectric force washers with high nominal forces can even detect the smallest of forces at high resolution.

This achieves a very high overload capacity in the application without the user having to accept any loss in accuracy or resolution. Despite high pre-stresses or tare forces, measurements can still be implemented at high resolutions.

HBM also offers charge amplifiers, data acquisition systems and measurement technology software to match the piezoelectric force transducers, so that the user can obtain the entire measurement chain from one source.

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