SoMat eDAQ ECPU-PLUS module

Somat eDAQ Base Processor

For the system that defines rugged, mobile data acquisition, it all starts here. The Somat eDAQ Base Processor (ECPU-PLUS) is the foundation eDAQ systems are built from.

Specifically designed for these applications; input power for the system operates in a wide range from 10-55 VDC. Internal back-up batteries also protect the eDAQ from unplanned power losses or low-voltage events. The ECPU-PLUS utilizes Ethernet communications, and hosts its own web server with a configurable IP. This combination allows the eDAQ to effortlessly communicate wirelessly through WWAN modems, 802.11 devices, or point-to-point wireless bridges. An HSS communications port works with the Somat eDisplay to provide an operator real-time channels and test information in a rugged LCD display.

To manage test data, the ECPU-PLUS has the capacity to perform a broad range of on-board data processing. This includes custom computed channels, triggers, gates, boolean expressions, and the Somat DataModes™. Any data acquisition system can collect a Time History, but utilizing the Somat DataModes™ allows users to save data in multiple, easy to manage and analyze formats including Burst History, Time-at-Level, Event Slice, Peak/Valley and Rainflow Histograms.

There are three different memory options for an eDAQ system; Internal (up to 32GB), DRAM (upgradeable to 256MB), and External PCMCIA (up to 4GB).

Additionally, within the ECPU-PLUS Processor are 10 Digital I/O’s and 8 Pulse Counter channels. Optionally, the Somat ECOM layer can be installed (ECPU-PLUS-COM); allowing for 3 dedicated CAN network interfaces, 1 Vehicle Bus Module Interface, and a GPS Communications port.

Product Specifications


Size: 9.2"W x 10.875"L x 2.625"H (23cmW x 27.6cmL x 6.6cmH)
Weight: 8.32lbs (3.78kg)
Temperature: -20° to 65° C

(1) Power - 15 Pin D-Sub
(1) Communications - 26 Pin High Density D-Sub
(1) HSS - Somat M8 Female Bulkhead Connector
(1) Digital I/O - 44 Pin High Density D-Sub


Input Power: 10-55 VDC
Fuses: 10A, Automotive Mini-blade
Internal Back-up Battery
Sample Rates:
Master Clock Rates

100 kHz = 0.1Hz to 100 kHz
98.3 kHz = 0.1 Hz to 98,304Hz


Ethernet: 100 BaseT
Serial: RS232 up to 115,200 baud


Internal Flash:
Upgrades: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
External Memory: 4GB
Internal DRAM:

Standard: 64MB
Upgrade: 256MB


Digital I/O:

Minimum: -0.3V
Maximum: 5.5V

Pulse Counters

Number of Inputs: 8
Pulse Counter Modes: Pulse Time Period, Pulse Frequency, Duty Cycle and Pulse Rate


(1) Somat SAC-EPWR15 eDAQ Systems Power Cable
(1) Somat SAC-ESR9/XO Communications Cable
(1) Somat SAC-EDIO Digital I/O Cable

Product Options

Somat eDAQ Vehicle Network Communications Layer

The Somat eDAQ Vehicle Network Communications Layer (ECPU-PLUS-COM) offers (3) CAN device interfaces, (1) Vehicle Bus Module (VBM) interface, and a GPS communications port. It is an extremely versatile layer providing a direct correlation between vehicle bus channels with physical data (analog, thermocouple and frequency) as well as GPS. Up to 254 vehicle bus channels can be recorded per input, allowing total eDAQ system channel counts to be virtually limitless. Unlike other data acquisition products, vehicle bus channels do not consume any analog inputs. In fact, all 254 channels are input directly through a single connector.

The ECOM can be used as a passive eavesdropper on the controller network, or when needed, it can become an active participant making requests for specific information. A simple ‘logical masking' scheme is utilized to identify required frames in an easily managed textual database, which identifies where a unique message lay within the frame. By using these methods, not only is it a very short learning curve to master its use, but it is easily manipulated using tools such as Microsoft Excel, wherein PGN's (Parameter Group Numbers), PID's (Parameter Identifiers) or even direct address information can be added or modified. The layer comes with many predefined databases such as J1939 and OBDII, so it is as easy as ‘point and click' to get standard information.

The GPS communications port is designed to work with Somat GPS devices.

Part Number Code
The following number scheme is used to identify the layer configuration.

ECPU-PLUS-COM: eDAQ ECPU-PLUS Processor with integral ECOM Layer

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Product Data Sheet & Literature

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Candid data sheets: We keep our promises.

Precision in series: This also applies to the accuracy of the values specified in our data sheets. Ideal conditions can often be theoretically attained based on the values given, but our data sheets focus on realistic standard assumptions - such as those likely to be encountered in your application. Therefore, please consider this when comparing our data sheets with those of other manufacturers.

Application Reports Featuring Somat eDAQ

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There are different requirements for measurement technology regarding field tests of off-road vehicles. Read here what you should keep in mind.

Data Acquisition on a 7 Second Dragster

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Optimized ski cross performance - with SoMat and nCode GlyphWorks

French Skiing Federation (FFS) optimizes ski cross performance using the whole HBM measurement chain: SoMat for the data acquisition and nCode GlyphWorks for data analysis.

Reliable Data Acquisition Ensures Rail Car Safety

To help keep costs of on-track railroad tests under control, you need a reliable data acquisition system. For a recent series of tests on a new truck trailer design, SPE of Highland, IN chose SoMat eDAQ from HBM.

A "lifestyle" airplane for take-off and landing on the ground, on water and snow

Making flying a pleasure again: This is the aim of the new, ultra-modern AKOYA light airplane. On-board safety and comfort is ensured through the use of strain gauges from HBM and the ultra-rugged SoMat eDAQlite data acquisition...

Volvo Construction Equipment (CE): Making loaders more fuel-efficient with toughest tests - and SoMat eDAQ data acquisition

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HBM’s eDAQ monitors hull for maximum military success

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Comparative tests of data acquisition equipment for use on high-speed trains undertaken by the Beijing Jiaotong University in China have demonstrated the effectiveness of HBM’s SoMat eDAQ equipment when operating under extremely...

Redefining Rugged: HBM’s SoMat eDAQ Data Acquisition System

Nothing can stop the eDAQ. Elevated shock and vibration levels, even violently spraying hydraulic fluid during testing are no match for this rugged, mobile data acquisition system.

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