MV6600 HV6600 Isolated Digitizer

MV6600 / HV6600 Isolated Digitizer

The 6600 Isolated Digitizer from HBM is a remote, fiber optic front end for the Genesis HighSpeed (GEN5i, GEN7t/16t) transient recorder. Each channel is completely remote programmable. The 6600 Isolated Digitizer is designed to be used in the harshest environments including the strongest electric and magnetic fields.

The fiber optic link eliminates ground loops and guarantees a safe isolation between the device under test and the control room in short circuit, high voltage, and high power labs.

The HV-variants (HV6600) are the high voltage / high power models. The front-end comprises extra shielding that allows you to use it in even the most demanding applications and harshest environments. The built-in dual batteries of the front-end can be recharged when the system is not operational using an external battery loader. The front end runs up to 24 hours on internal battery, while the remote controlled "sleep" mode can easily extend this runtime multiple times.

The MV-variants (MV6600) are the medium voltage/medium power models. This front-end can be connected directly to the mains. The built-in power supply offers a 1.8 kV isolation. This feature allows for continuous operation of the system.

While operational, the front-end’s internal battery is recharged. When required, the front-end can be disconnected from the mains and battery operated for about 5 minutes to allow for tests that involve more than 1.8 kV. Also, this build-in battery ensures proper data storage in case AC mains is lost during acquisition.

Both the MV as well as the HV versions are available with two different sample rates: 25 MS/s for all standard applications and an ultra fast 100 MS/s version for even the most demanding applications.

Both the 25 MS/s versions and the 100 MS/s versions offer 14-bit resolution at full speed, with 16-bit enhanced resolution at slower sampling. Memory length is available for up to 400 MS per channel.

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MV6600 / HV6600

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