T10F Torque Meter

Its extremely short design takes up less space in the test rig and thus saves money. The high lateral stiffness allows articulated shafts to be directly flange-connected and additional support bearings are not normally required. The high permissible dynamic loading requires less over-dimensioning for dynamic measurement, its very high torsional stiffness virtually eliminates the problem of torque sympathetic vibrations, depending on the application.

Because there are no bearings or slip-rings, there are no maintenance costs involved in this system of torque measurement. Thanks to the modular structure there are a large number of mechatronic variants, making it possible for you to choose the correct torque flange for your particular application. Specifically coordinated and tested couplings.






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Datenblatt vom Drehmoment-Messflansch T10F (Deutsch)

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Mounting instructions of the Torque Flange T10F (English)

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Montageanleitung für den Drehmoment-Messflansch T10F (Deutsch)

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Deutsch, English, Français

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Japanese mounting instructions of the Torque Flange T10F

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Japanese Data Sheet of the Torque Flange T10F


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T10F Key Features

  • Nominal (rated) torques of 50 N·m, 100 N·m, 200 N·m; 500 N·m, 1 kN·m, 2 kN·m, 3 kN·m, 5 kN·m and 10 kN·m
  • Nominal (rated) rotation speeds of 8,000 rpm to 15,000 rpm
  • Extremely short design
  • High permissible dynamic loading
  • High permissible transverse forces and bending moments
  • Extremely high torsional stiffness
  • No bearings, no slip rings
  • Retrievable calibration signals
  • Integrated rotation speed measurement (option)
  • Optional: Integrated optical speed measuring system
  • Optional: couplings
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