HBM's rotationally symmetrical U3 force load cell meets even highest requirements for stability under lateral force coupled with the smallest possible effect of such forces on measurement technology.

  • Force transducer for test and trial purposes and industrial monitoring jobs
  • Force transducer for tension/pressure
  • Robust thanks to high dynamic permanent loading capacity
  • High level of surge immunity provided by integrated lateral force compensator
  • Low overall height
  • Flange connector on both sides
  • IP65 protection system, as per DIN EN 60529, corrosion resistant
  • Measuring ranges 0.5kN to 50 kN
  • Class of accuracy 0.2

Lateral forces may damage your production efficiency.

One problem that arises when measuring force is the existence of lateral forces, that is, forces acting at a different angle form those one is attempting to measure. In the main these forces arise form conditions in the mechanical structure or from its dead weight. In certain cases, the lateral forces can be great enough to damage or even destroy a force transducer, causing a drop in production.

For this reason there has been a demand, particularly within industry, for a force transducer which is rugged, rotationally symmetrical and insensitive to lateral forces, capable of absorbing up to 100% of rated force in the form of lateral force without loosing its measurement capability or sustaining mechanical damage.

This requirement for stability under lateral force coupled with the smallest possible effect of such forces on measurement technology aspects has now been met by the rotationally symmetrical U3 tension/pressure force transducer. The U3 is an exceptionally strong force transducer, designed for use in harsh industrial applications, such as in the press-fitting sector. This means that tools can be fitted directly to the force transducer by virtue of the required flange adaptation.






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