C6A Force Transducer Load Cell

C6A Load Cell with High Nominal Rated Forces

C6A force transducers are designed for the measurement of static and dynamic pressure forces. Tensile forces can also be measured with the transducers.The transducers can be installed in any position for force measurement. The force conductor must however act in the direction of the transducer axis.

HBM force transducers in this range measure dynamic forces in the load direction just as precisely as static forces. The force transducers are maintenance − free and can be installed even in poorly accessible places. Their electrical measurement signals can be transmitted to remote measuring points and monitors in order to indicate and register there and be used for control and regulating tasks.

  • High nominal forces with even the smallest dimensions
  • Compressive force transducers
  • Continuous inner bore for nominal forces from 200kN to 2MN
  • Rust-resistant version for 200kN and 500kN nominal forces
  • High level of operating safety even under adverse conditions of use
  • Extensive mounting accessories

Case Studies on C6A

Vibration damping of ultra-light belt conveyor galleries

HBM force transducers are applied in a research project to reduce vibration in ultra-light belt conveyor galleries. Read this case study to learn more about the project - from the model to full implementation.

HBM monitoring system gives former industrial chimney new lease of life

An old industrial chimney in Barcelona has been given a new lease of life as part of a recent redevelopment thanks to an HBM monitoring system, constisting of the complete measurement chain.

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