MC2A Converter

MC2A / MC3 - Measuring amplifiers for inductive and strain gauge technology-based transducers

The measuring converter type MC2A completes inductive HBM transducers to a simple measuring arrangement. It has two main purposes:

  • The measuring converter provides a supply voltage for the inductive half bridge
  • The signal from the connected transducer is converted into a proportional DC signal.

A pair of precision resistors connected to the Wheatstone bridge completes the inductive half bridge arrangement. The generator provides a symmetrical bridge excitation voltage of 1.8V (effective value) with a carrier frequency of 5 kHz.

The measuring converter type MC3 is used with strain gages in a full bridge circuit or with strain gage transducers to construct an uncomplicated and economical measuring system.

Suitable indicating equipments for connection to this system include digital indicators for switchboard installation. The MC3 supplies the bridge supply voltage of the transducer, amplifies the transducer output signal and outputs a DC voltage signal of -5V... 0 ... +5V proportional to the measured value.

A limit switch with open collector output can be adjusted over the range of 0 ... +5V.

When equipped with an optional final stage, an output current of 4mA ... 20 mA is available.

Key Features

  • Attractively priced carrier frequency amplifier for inductive and resistive transducers
  • Two switchable measuring ranges
  • Integral limit value switch
  • Easy operation and installation
  • Dustproof and hoseproof housing
  • Option: +4...+20mA output stage

Product Literature

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Product Data Sheet & Literature

MC2A / MC3

Data Sheets

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Operating Manuals

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Candid data sheets: We keep our promises.

Precision in series: This also applies to the accuracy of the values specified in our data sheets. Ideal conditions can often be theoretically attained based on the values given, but our data sheets focus on realistic standard assumptions - such as those likely to be encountered in your application. Therefore, please consider this when comparing our data sheets with those of other manufacturers.

Case Studies

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