DT85 External display

DT85 - External display and control unit for MP85 and MP85DP process controller

DT85: High level of transparency…

The DT85 display terminal meets the increasing needs for Plug& Measure systems with operator control that is as simple as possible. Based on a modular concept, the DT85 display terminal helps to reduce installation costs.

The DT85 meets the increased demand for the safety and availability of the measurement system. In production monitoring, the current status of the production process is shown simply and clearly on a backlit 1/4-VGA display on site.

Key Features

  • Monitoring of fitting, press-fit and testing process in manufacturing monitoring and automation
  • Graphical display of all measured values and press-fit curves with OK/NOK results and statistics function
  • Parameterization and control of up to 10 MP85 (DP) amplifiers via CAN interface
  • Can be connected during operation (hot plugging)
  • Without fan, maintenance-free, small mounting depth

Product Literature

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