C18 - Compact Force Transducer Measures Large Forces Precisely

Suitable applications for the C18 compressive force transducer include calibration tasks in areas where only confined mounting space is available. Due to its low weight it is also ideally fit for mobile test applications. Based on the ring torsion principle, the transducer has a small diameter and a low profile.

New: Also available with a nominal (rated) force of 5 MN

The transducer is available in 11 models with different nominal (rated) forces ranging between 10 kN and 5 MN, allowing it to be used in a wide range of applications. The complete measuring body and the force applications parts (base and thrust piece) included in delivery are made from stainless steel. They ensure optimum test results and at the same time prevent error loads.

The force transducer is distinguished by its precision. Class 0.5 according to ISO 376 is guaranteed. Class 00 is even possible on request for nominal (rated) forces from 500 kN. Main applications include calibration tasks such as e.g. the classification of material testing machines, or ensuring traceability of industrial test equipment. For these purposes, HBM calibrates its force transducers in its own laboratory, which has been accredited as a DKD laboratory for the the past 25 years.

Max. operating force [%]

170 (10-1000 kN), 150 (2000-3000 kN), 135 (5000 kN)

Nominal temp. range [°C]

+10 ... +40

Protection system

IP68 acc. to DIN EN 60529


base and thrust piece are made from stainless steel

Direction of force


Nominal force

10 kN, 20 kN, 50 kN, 100 kN, 200 kN, 300 kN, 500 kN, 1 MN, 2 MN, 3 MN, 5 MN

Nominal sensitivity [mV/V]


Product Literature

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Precision in series: This also applies to the accuracy of the values specified in our data sheets. Ideal conditions can often be theoretically attained based on the values given, but our data sheets focus on realistic standard assumptions - such as those likely to be encountered in your application. Therefore, please consider this when comparing our data sheets with those of other manufacturers.

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Key Features

  • Accurate measurement of large compressive forces up to the MN range
  • Compact, lightweight
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Force application parts included in delivery
  • Class 0.5 according to ISO 376 is guaranteed. Class 00 is even possible on request for nominal (rated) forces from 500 kN.

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