Rugged and reliable - The PW15AHi digital single-point load cell, too, meets these requirements of the FIT® family.

Since the load cell performs the entire processing of measured values, the load on the machine control is only very small. The rugged sensor even allows for use in extremely damp and aggressive environments. The load cell is particularly suited to use in filling and packaging machinery, multihead combination weighers (MHC) and checkweighers (CW).

PW15AHi is made of stainless steel and hermetically encapsulated and offers degree of protection IP68. It is available with maximum capacities of 10 kg and 20 kg and features digital RS485, CANOpen and DeviceNet interfaces.

Rugged, reliable, and economic - the digital single-point load cell convinces through an attractive price-to-performance ratio.

Maximum capacity 10 kg / 20 kg
Degree of protectionIP68
InterfacesRS485, CANOpen, DeviceNet

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