Increased efficiency and accuracy in filling systems and packaging machinery with maximum reliability in terms of hygienic and aseptic aspects are the benefits offered by HBM's new hygienic PW27 load cell. For the first time, PW27 enables precise and fast weighing, even in the aseptic production of food, pharmaceuticals and other products.

When used, for instance, in filling systems and packaging machinery in the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and bio industries, load cells have reached their limits. The reason is that conventional load cells have edges and fissures.

The hygienic PW27 load cell is a groundbreaking innovation that enables efficient and accurate weighing equipment to be used in fields where aseptic production is required, such as in the aseptic filling of food or pharmaceuticals. HBM's hygienic PW27 load cell is the first and only load cell ever that has been officially certified as being compliant with the strict rules of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group, making it suitable for use in the hygienic design of systems.

Due to its optimized design without edges or fissures, PW27 is easy to clean. The load cell is made of food-compatible stainless steel. The load cell cable also meets hygiene regulations. It has been dotted with silver ions and is thus antibacterial.

Conventional load cells have corners, edges and fissures that are difficult to clean -- a drawback in terms of hygiene.

EHEDG certification, an innovative design, and outstanding product features make PW27 the only load cell worldwide that really deserves the rating "hygienic".

Asceptic Filling Using Up-To-Date Weighing Technology

The PW27 is ideal, for instance, for the aseptic filling of food.  Many applications involving weighing systems in the beverage, food, pharmaceutical, and bio industries benefit from the characteristics of the hygienic PW27 load cell, even if highly demanding hygienic design requirements have to be met such as:

  • In filling plants and packaging machinery (for aseptic filling and packaging)
  • In multi-head combination weighers
  • In static scales.

PW27 allows users in industries with the highest hygiene requirements to benefit from the advantages of up-to-date weighing technology, including long life, no maintenance costs,  and high accuracy of all filling and dosing processes.

The hygienic PW27 load cell's standard dimensions allow easy integration in existing system designs. When using PW27 for weighing you benefit from leading measurement technology quality made by HBM using a rugged sensor that provides reliable test results even in extremely moist and aggressive environments.

Integrated Overload Protection, Well Protected Against Dirt

Thanks to its integrated overload protection that cannot be blocked by product residue, the PW27 single-point load cell is virtually indestructible. An adapter for various cable protection systems is integrated, as well as mounting devices and fixtures with dimensions that are compliant with established market standards.

PW27 comes with a test certificate from the German National Metrology Institute (PTB). Applications for patents have been filed for diverse design features and characteristics of the load cell. At present, the load cell is available with a maximum capacity of 10 kg and 20 kg.


"Easy to clean" PW25 load cell

Hygienic PW27 load cell

Maximum capacities

10 kg, 20 kg

10 kg, 20 kg

Degree of protection




Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Integrated overload protection



Optimized design without edges and fissures



EHEDG-certified (European Hygiene Engineering & Design Group)



PW27P - Flexible Connection of Cables

PW27P is a new version of the PW27 single-point load cell. The load cell comes with a plug that allows for flexible connection of cables. Two cables with connector, one from hygienic cable material providing protection to IP68/IP69K -- make the load cell's fields of application more flexible and optimize its use in extremely adverse ambient conditions with the most stringent hygiene requirements.

  • Cable with connector: 1-KAB177-x-1: (x=3/6/12m), hygienic cable material, IP68/IP69K
  • Cable with connector: 1-KAB168-x: (x=5/20m), IP67

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