Making hidden things visible

Optimized efficiency analysis of electrical machines

When the media describes current trends in industry, two terms always come up: electromobility and Industry 4.0. Development in these two areas will shape our industrial environment for many years to come. Strict requirements for vehicle fleet consumption and reduced emissions are forcing car makers to develop and market electric vehicles. Range is a limiting factor for these vehicles and efficiency is an important factor for improving range. The potential in this area is far from exhausted. This can be demonstrated with the eDrive Testing solution from HBM. 

Digitization, networking and a combination of the virtual and real world will change our value creation process. In the future smart components, machines and entire networks will communicate with each other and facilitate self-control and optimization, thereby making a factory more intelligent. The PMX measuring amplifier from HBM is already equipped with cutting edge functions. Increasing the efficiency of a complete system is the objective in both cases. Measurement technology is essential to every aspect of that task. It expedites new development by making processes in testing, production control and other areas more transparent, reliable and productive. 

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