A question of perspective

Optimized solutions through customer focus and flexibility

Producing, processing and protecting food are important and sensitive issues. The growing world population and emerging middle classes lead to a disproportionately high growth in demand. Food scandals shake consumer faith and lead to loss of reputation, declines in sales and major financial losses.

Load cells from HBM have traditionally been used in scales for the food industry, from simple table scales to highly automated packaging machines. HBM offers products for every purpose, from economical aluminum load cells to a hermetically encapsulated high-end variant made of food-compatible stainless steel. Manufacturers of scales and packaging machines value not only HBM‘s quality, but also its accuracy, robustness and flexibility in applications.

High system reliability reduces operating costs and raises productivity. We developed our PW27 hygienic load cell especially for aseptic scales and packaging machines. It is the only load cell worldwide with EHEDG certification in the small maximum capacity load range. A clean solution all around.


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