Faster, more precise and less expensive: The new FIT7A digital load cell

"Time is money," as they say. It would be just as appropriate in many weighing technology applications to say "Accuracy is money." Precise filling and weighing saves hard cash, especially for expensive products like food. Speed and precision codetermine cost-effectiveness and yield, especially in competitive markets.

Efficient production requires the optimum combination of speed and precision. This is the only way to gain a clear competitive advantage. Every component is important, and especially the weighing technology that is used. That is the main factor in determining these fundamental parameters: How many weighing processes can be completed per minute, how precise and reliable are the results and how failsafe is the operating process? If all of that is in order and the price is right, the return on investment will follow.

Innovative new products like the PW27 hygienic load cell, the first and so far, only load cell with EHEDG certification in its weight class, are typical of HBM's assortment of load cells. The new FIT7A digital load cell also stands in this tradition. Based on strain gauge
technology, it achieves peak values in terms of precision and speed. It can easily perform 120 weighing processes per minute with a standard deviation of just 0.1 g for every 10 kg. And it can do all that with affordable pricing.

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