Optical Measurement Solutions based on FBG Sensors

Bringing light to measurement

Gain from the many new possibilities provided by optical sensor technology based on Fiber Bragg Gratings - and HBM's proven reliability.

HBM FiberSensing is proud of having addressed hundreds of different monitoring projects around the world and delivered thousands of sensors and measurement units throughout the years.

Reliably and safely test innovative materials with high levels of strain or high numbers of load cycles, high electromagnetic stress or in highly explosive environments.

Case Studies

What are the measuring principles of a fiber Bragg grating?

The principle of measurement of the fiber Bragg grating may be briefly explained as a periodic microstructure that selectively reflects wavelengths. You can learn more about it here in this article.

What is a fiber Bragg grating?

A fiber Bragg grating is just a few millimeters long, highly sensitive and very reliable. We explain the most important properties for you in an article.

The potential of fiber-optical sensors for Condition Monitoring Systems of wind power plants

Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) are designed to ensure the long-term efficiency of wind power plants. The focus moves here to optical sensor technology as an alternative to electrical technology.

DB Minden is testing optical strain gages from HBM

Many tests and inspections are mandatory for approval of new railway vehicles. These include test runs with wheelsets enabling the forces between wheel and rail to be measured. At present, DB Systemtechnik in Minden, Germany, an...

HBM technology and service for building up the first German offshore wind farm

Efficiently generating electric power without polluting the environment becomes increasingly important in times of high commodity prices and growing environmental awareness among consumers.

Optical sensors for lightweights

Modern lightweight materials are increasingly being used in aerospace applications and in other branches, such as traffic and construction engineering, mechanical engineering and the energy business. Fiber composite technology in...

Technical Articles

Early warning of damage to wind turbine rotor blades

Suitable sensor technology must be employed to detect the damage to wind turbine rotor blades early enough, and minimize the economic consequences. The sensors must be able to withstand tough ambient conditions and must...

Measuring surface strain using flexible fiber-Bragg strain gauges

Our comprehensive article provides basic knowledge on the topic: Everything you need to know about measurement using optical strain gauges: From technological background information through calibration of interrogators and...

Electrical and optical strain gauges: a comparison

When are electrical strain gauges adequate, when do you need to use optical strain gauges? This article describes the fundamental differences between the technologies and their implications for the respective fields of...

Strain Measurement with Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors

Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors (FBGS) are gaining increasing attention in the field of experimental stress analysis.

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