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Utilizing strain transducers for greater accuracy in forging

One of the world's largest automotive component suppliers, Hirschvogel Automotive Components, based in Pinghu, China, is utilizing HBM’s SLB strain transducer and MP55DP amplifier system to monitor forging forces for improved...

It all comes down to the right quantity of force

The more precisely powder presses can apply force, the higher the quality of the produced molded parts. The pressure must be accurately measured for exact control. Dorst Technologies has elected to use HBM's PMX amplifier...

HBM on the test bench: Allison Transmission puts HBM to the test

Allison primarily uses HBM products to handle dynamometer driveline torque and speed measurements for hybrid electric development, powertrain development test stands. They currently use the T10F torque flange, T32 FNA torque...

Better driving thanks to PME

For testing seat mountings and even complete car seats, Kühne + Vogel have already developed and produced a number of machines for famous automotive suppliers. The deciding quality criterion for user comfort in a car seat is the...

One for all - Universal hydraulic test bench with secondary control

Until now, hydraulic test benches were designed for special tasks or products. Although the individual components are already tested, the interaction between individual pumps and control systems can only be tested in the machine...

Measured force on the chain

Hoisting technology is one of the applications for the chains produced by the company Ketten Wälder GmbH. The processing of the base materials, such as steel for the chains, is a complex process, and all the sequences have to be...

Machine monitoring made easy

Artis GmbH in Bispingen is an international leading company in the sector of tool, process and machine monitoring. Artis is using the proven piezoelectric systems of the HBM Paceline series in the monitoring of turning-turning...

Safety in motion - component testing of car seats

C. Rob. Hammerstein (CRH) relies on the S9M force transducer from HBM

Dream car with wing doors - Production of steering couplings for the new SLS AMG

With its wing doors, the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG is sure to be the dream of many car drivers. Mercedes-AMG GmbH describes their new super sports car with words such as "automotive fascination" and "high-tech at the highest level"....

HBM force transducers at Promess: Quality assurance in production

A partner for measuring static and dynamic forces

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