Measurement technology in production

In production, using test and measurement equipment correctly is key to guaranteeing optimal quality. Modern test and measurement equipment in production helps users produce more efficiently and detect errors at an early stage. You will find the major topics and trends in our collection of articles: 

White papers on Industrial Process Control

Measurement technology for both development and production: Innovative metrological solutions for the challenges of modern, networked production systems (Industry 4.0)

Measurement technology capable of keeping pace with the most modern production systems is the only way to ensure seamless quality control and efficient, cost-saving production.

Failsafe press monitoring - measurement technology as an efficiency driver

The more precisely force is applied in presses, the higher is the quality of the molded parts. Increasing their presses' accuracy is one of the most important challenges for manufacturers of presses and pressing machines.

Spoilt for choice: piezoelectric or strain gauge based force transducers?

Two principles have become dominant in force measurement: Piezoelectric sensors and strain gauge (SG) based force transducers. When is which principle appropriate?

New HMI Software Solutions for Process Monitoring: A Modular System

Operability and functional control - it is just these requirements that HBM addresses with the new HMI software solutions of FASTpress Suite.

Plug and play in production monitoring: Intelligent sensors ensure rapid setup times and drastic cost savings

The "Transducer Electronic Datasheet" (TEDS), which has proved itself consistently in test bench technology, offers interesting options for minimizing setup times, particularly in the manufacturing environment.

Can haptics be measured?

Actively sensing the size, contours, surface texture, weight, etc. of an object by using all skin senses and depth sensitivity is referred to as haptic perception. The sum of a person’s haptic perceptions makes it possible for...

Opportunities for waterjet cutting using modern pressure-measurement equipment

Waterjet cutting is an innovative field of measurement technology in manufacturing. The more cost-effective waterjet cutting has numerous advantages compared to the normal laser method.

Numerical simulation of strain gages

This article describes how to apply numerical methods to determine the properties of the strain gages and then, by specifically modifying the material and geometric properties, to change the strain gages so that they meet certain...

White papers on Industrial Automation Trends

Measurement technology of today - Automation technology for tomorrow

Development cycles need to be shortened and costs reduced for companies to remain competitive today. At the same time, raw materials, energy and the workforce are getting more expensive. It is necessary to improve the efficiency...

How utilizing EtherCAT benefits industrial applications with faster real-time measurements

As the focus on costs continues to impact throughout industry there is a growing need to provide faster real-time measurements in industrial applications.

FDT technology for amplifiers

In 2003, a number of prestigious companies in the automation sector established the FDT Group, in order to create a common communications and configuration interface for field devices in automation technology. We now have...

Interfaces and bus systems: The right communication for the industrial sector

An interface is generally used for communication between various partners. Two neighboring partners can only communicate with each other if their interfaces match. To ensure that a complete system functions without any problems,...

Central control of all the devices of a production system with Device Type Managers (DTM)

You do not need to be an expert to be able to install a printer for a PC without difficulty. Usually all that is required is to have the relevant driver installed to prepare the data for the print job, and then you can start...

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