Data acquisition (DAQ) in measurement

Data acquisition - fast, safe, reliable: Data acquisition systems and measuring amplifiers need to meet stringent requirements today. Read our numerous technical articles on the topic to learn which rules need to be complied with and which data acquisition trends we will have to expect in the future.

Trends in measurement data acquisition

Total cost of ownership: application potentials of your test and measurement equipment

Correct, reliable measurement results are worth their money. However, when purchasing your new test and measurement equipment the mere hardware price should not be the only factor you take into account. Totally different factors...

Increased efficiency in the test bench: What really counts

Test and measurement equipment is a critical factor affecting the quality of the test bench of the future

Usability in measurement technology: Saving valuable time. And a lot of money!

Operating errors in test and measurement equipment may cause significant costs to companies. These do not only arise from extra test bench time that has to be allowed for; what might turn out to be really expensive is the...

Measurement 2.0: The future world of Test & Measurement

How will next-generation measurement technology look like? What are the trends that really matter? Read or latest position paper.

Changing Perception makes paper redundant

The latest modern high-speed data acquisition products from HBM Genesis HighSpeed overcome the need to refer to paper chart recorders.

Shorter development times with more efficient tests

Reduced development times are key to sustainable success on the market - this applies for the automotive industry in particular. Here, modern test and measurement equipment helps to significantly reduce development times - and...

TEDS - The Transducer Electronic Data Sheet

Just 18 seconds to a reliable measurement value: Integrating TEDS technology into test bench processes

Simply convenient and long since established in PC technology: Plug and Play. No wonder, thanks to this technology installing drivers and adapting setups are things of the past at last. The advantages are clear: Plug and Play...

Guidelines for the determination of calibration intervals

Strictly seen: A calibration is only valid at the time of implementation.

What is TEDS? Plug and measure using transducer identification

What has - under the designation Plug and Play - long since become a standard in PC technology, now has entered test and measurement technology as well. Thanks to electronic transducer identification via TEDS (Transducer...

Suggestions on how to include the effect of reproducibility in the evaluation of simplified calibration procedures

The presented study suggests a method that allows estimating the reproducibility error in torque calibrations without the need of performing several measurement series with the torque transducer being mounted in different...

On-Site Loading Test of Tunnel Lining Segments in Barcelona

Read how scientists from the Technical University (UPC) carried out loading tests during the construction of the “L9” two-level subway line in Barcelona, Spain. The engineers used a very complex test procedure for analyzing the...

All the president's helicopters: Data acquisition system for rotor blade testing at AgustaWestland

The key criteria of the next generation of presidential helicopters was to ensure the safe transportation of the President of the United States of America, and effectively create an 'Oval Office in the sky'.

Investigation of the influence of transducer electronic data sheets (TEDS) on calibration results

The international standard IEEE 1451.4 is the basis for transducer electronic data sheets (TEDS), where information related to the transducer like serial number or nominal sensitivity is stored into a chip inside the transducer....

A new type of transducer for accurate and dynamic pressure measurement up to 15,000 bar using foil strain gage types

Applications in the ultra-high pressure range are on the move forward. Of particular interest is the manufacturing of diesel injection components such as nozzles and rails.

Data Acquisition Know-how

Using GPS in data acquisition: This is what you should keep in mind

This article describes GPS technology in general and how to use it in mobile data recording. It specifies for example the different sensor types that can be connected to QuantumX.

Calculating space vector quantities and the air-gap moment of asynchronous motors using Genesis HighSpeed and Perception software

Read this article to learn more about the calculation of space vectors and air-gap moments.

Power measurements on a pulse width modulated inverter with Perception software

The development of electric drives requires power measurements. This article describes the function of the pulse width modulated inverter as well as the calculation of power values with the Perception software.

Calculating Power Quantities with Perception Software

The emphasis of this article is on the use of mathematical formulas in Perception analysis software for power measurements with the GEN2i data acquisition system from HBM.

How to ensure precise and at the same time cost-efficient mobile data acquisition?

High demands are placed on mobile data acquisition devices. Many different factors need to be taken into consideration, like operating conditions, power supply and the number of channels required. But how do you choose the most...

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