Case Studies on Torque Measurement

HBM is considered the worldwide reference in torque measurement technology. In test benches, calibration tasks and production monitoring, HBM torque transducers guarantee reliable results—for example, in the automotive and shipbuilding industry, in the energy industry for measuring torque at generators, and in many other fields of applications.

Read the latest case studies on HBM torque measurement technology:

Measurement and traceability of torque on large mechanical drives

The optimization of marine engines based on highly accurate and reliable torque measurement, besides enabling significant energy savings, is in line with the steadily increasing requirements of international regulations.

HBM torque transducer in headwind vehicle developed by University of Stuttgart

Team InVentus from the University of Stuttgart, equipped with a T22 torque transducer from HBM, was once again able to successfully participate in the Aeolus Race.

Testing an actuator with T20WN: Article in 'Lufthansa Magazine'

Lufthansa Magazine reported in its edition from November 2013 about an actuator testing application using HBM's T20WN torque sensor.

Selecting correct test equipment benefits high-efficiency electrical motor manufacture

The development and prodcution of high-efficiency electrical motors requires more research. One of the more important areas of testing is in torque measurement.

How Torque Transducers Help Optimize Hybrid Drivetrains for Buses and Trucks

Automotive OEMs commonly house test stands or special facilities to develop, characterize, and test car engines. As hybrid technology plays an increasing role in vehicle designs, OEMs increasingly use such facilities in the...

New generation of high-speed engine dynamometers

The Australian company Dyno Dynamics is working on a new generation of high-speed engine dynamometers. The heart of the dynamometers: The T40B torque transducer from HBM.

EtherCAT-capable test stand for electric motors - with TIM-EC

Dynosens needed an interface to connect the T40B torque transducer to an EtherCAT fieldbus. The solution: TIM-EC from HBM.

Accurate measurement data for Sisu Axles’ product development with HBM T40 torque transducers

For developing more durable and more capable axles, Finnish manufacturer Sisu Axles equipped its new test stand with torque transducers from HBM.

HBM on the test bench: Allison Transmission puts HBM to the test

Allison primarily uses HBM products to handle dynamometer driveline torque and speed measurements for hybrid electric development, powertrain development test stands. They currently use the T10F torque flange, T32 FNA torque...

Better driving thanks to PME

For testing seat mountings and even complete car seats, Kühne + Vogel have already developed and produced a number of machines for famous automotive suppliers. The deciding quality criterion for user comfort in a car seat is the...

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