Torque measurement: basics, special applications, technical terms

Torque is an important measurement quantity, for example, in test benches in the automotive, ship building and wind energy industry as well as in industrial process control.

Precisely measuring and acquiring torque is crucial, for example, to further increase the efficiency of motors and engines.

Learn more about the most important basics of torque measurement:

The reference book: Measuring torque correctly

"Measuring Torque Correctly" by Rainer Schicker and Georg Wegener is THE worldwide standard in the field of torque. We offer you this book as a free download. Topics, inter alia:

  • Design, application and installation of torque transducers
  • Analysis of vibration processes
  • Calibration of torque transducers

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Technical terms explained clearly and simply:

Characteristic values, accuracy class, thermal influence: Benefit from our practical on-line glossary to look up the most important technical terms in the field of torque measurement.

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Methods of torque measurement in drive train technology

Torque measurement methods

Measuring torque precisely, in particular on rotating parts, places high demands on test bench manufacturers and users.There are two different approaches to determining torque: the direct and the indirect method. How do these methods work?

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Torque Measurement White Papers

Linearization of torque transducers using the TIM-EC EtherCAT interface module

The relationship between a torque transducer's input and output quantities is not exactly linear in practice. Since an output quantity that is proportional to the measurement signal is required for interpreting the transducer...

T40B with rotational speed measuring system and reference pulse

There are countless incremental rotational speed measurement systems available on the market. However, these systems are intended solely for measuring rotational speed. Combining rotational speed and torque measurement in a...

Fieldbus based measurement technology for digital transmission of torque and rotational speed in test benches

Torque and rotational speed measurement equipment must be compatible with the increasing number of fieldbus based systems. Read this article to learn how T40B and T40FM digital torque transducers meet these requirements.

The right fit for your torque transducer

Correct torque application to the transducer is crucial for measuring torque. We show you what to keep in mind when selecting a fit.

Checking HBM torque flanges using the shunt signal and the zero point

Torque transducers need to be calibrated before being put into operation. A practicable method is to determine the characteristic curve of the transducer using a zero point value and a second reference value based on the shunt...

The right coupling for your torque transducer

Couplings are an important accessory for torque transducers. This article provides you with important information on which factors you should consider when choosing the coupling that best fits your application.

Videos on Measuring Torque

The setup of a torque transducer by means of parameters from the data sheet and from a calibration certificate

Setting up a torque transducer has a decisive impact on the quality of your measurement result. Our video tutorial shows you what to keep in mind when setting up a torque transducer.

Torque measurement with HBM: A history of innovation

This video highlights the major technological breakthroughs in the development of advanced torque sensor technology. Torque keeps the world moving round: See what's the secret behind!

Torque transducer T40FM with extremely high resolution

Take a look and see how to precisely detect minimal variations even if high torques are involved - using T40FM from HBM - the digital torque transducer for measuring high torques up to 80 kilonewton-meters.

The calculation of the measurement uncertainty for torque applications

Do you want to calculate the measurement uncertainty in your torque application? This webinar held by Klaus Weissbrodt provides you with profound knowledge on how to calculate measurement uncertainty.

Calibrating a torque transducer using the shunt signal

How to easily and precisely recalibrate a torque transducer: See how you can quickly and reliably recalibrate a torque transducer using the shunt signal.

Measuring torque in special applications

Precise and effective control of mechanically driven gas compressor sets

This article explains different methods for permanently controlling the propulsion power in mechanically driven gas compressor sets.

Measuring torque in wind energy applications

There is no power generation without rotation, hence, there is no power without angular speed and torque: This applies to wind energy in particular. This article highlights the importance and significance of measuring torque in...

Use of torque flanges in power generation plants

Power generation plants need to be economical and eco-friendly. To determine the efficiency of such plants, drive power needs to be measured. However, which method is most suitable? Read this technical article to learn how to...

Power measurement on large drives with combustion engines

There are different ways to measure the power of large drives with combustion engines. Learn how direct power measurement in the drive train reduces the uncertainty of measurement, by contrast with indirect measurement on the...

Measuring torque in marine propulsion systems

An efficient ship drive control includes measurement technology directly in the drive train. HBM torque flanges contribute to optimizing the performance of ship drives.

Other articles on torque measurement

High Precision Torque Measurement System

The subject of the paper is the development of a contactless torque measuring system with a carrier-frequency amplifier.

Torque measurement seminars

Our tip: The "Measuring Torque Correctly" seminar by HBM Academy: Learn everything about torque measurement. Learn more