Aseptic load cells PW25 and PW27

World first: Aseptic and hygienic load cells from HBM

Load cells are the basic elements of weighing, metering and filling processes. The PW25 and PW27 aseptic load cells enable the integration of modern weighing technology into aseptic or hygienic production processes. The efficiency of production is increased by shorter cleaning times and minimal plant downtime.

PW25 – 'easy-to-clean' load cell

The special design without edges or fissures makes PW25 the ideal choice for applications with particular cleaning requirements. Thanks to its integrated overload protection the single point load cell is virtually indestructible. Learn more more about the easy-to-clean load cell.

PW27 – hygienic load cell

PW27 is the first and only load cell ever that has been officially certified as being compliant with the strict rules of the EHEDG - and is thus suitable for use in the hygienic design of systems. PW27 is easy to clean due to its optimized construction without edges or gaps. More information on the hygienic load cell.

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PW25 - 'easy-to-clean' load cell

PW25 easy-to-clean load cell
  • Integrated, encapsulated overload stop
  • Installation-compatible to industry standard load cell SP-4
  • Stainless steel housing with IP68 / IP69K protection
  • Maximum capacity 10 kg and 20 kg
  • Easy to clean

PW25 - 'easy-to-clean' load cell

PW27 - hygienic load cell

PW27 hygienic load cell
  • EHEDG-certified
  • Designed to hygienic aspects
  • Aseptic design for top safety
  • Suitable for humid, aggressive environments
  • Stainless steel housing with IP68 / IP69K protection
  • Maximum capacity 10 kg and 20 kg
  • Easy to clean

PW27 - hygienic load cell