The certificates are all packed on the way to Russia

Certification is required for almost all goods that are imported into the CIS countries. HBM customers can save effort, time and money by obtaining the certificates directly from HBM on request as an additional service.

When precision matters – without risks or side effects: SLS lifter scale

To obtain approval of the lifter scale as a medical product, HBM demonstrated its suitability for use in a medical application in accordance with DIN DIN EN 60601-1-6 and DIN EN 62366.

Overfill protection - reliably determining fill quantities

The permissible deviation of a quantity actually contained in a package from the specified quantity is regulated by law worldwide. Food producers therefore attempt to optimize the quantity of the filled product as far as possible...

CC-Link and the future of industrial networks

HBM met with John Browett, General Manager of the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) and discussed the advantages and future of CC-Link.

Particularly precise test and measurement equipment: Our Product Managers recommend ...

Should particularly high precision be essential to your products, we have the right solution for you. Our Product Managers would like to present our "top stars" in terms of precision.

Clean, accurate weighing: hygienic design is worth it

Hygienic design is a major trend in food processing technologies. This article explains how to benefit from efficient and clean load cells for assuring hygienic processes across the complete production line.

Well shielded: EMC-tested weighing equipment

Be it in packaging machinery or filling systems- load cells always need to weigh precisely and be easy to integrate. Weighing equipment affecting other technical devices through unwanted electrical effects - or vice versa...

No chance for bacteria or dirt

Clean foods and medicines are essential when health is in question. Production is becoming increasingly automated; a trend that is also the case for plant cleaning. It becomes increasingly important for the design of the plant’s...

Weighing technology in Asia: Speed and quality are paramount

Asia is booming - the same applies to the weighing technology market. But not every company has been able to profit from this dynamic market development. Only those who can adapt to local requirements can penetrate the hard Asian...