Wind turbine testing with HBM measurement technology equals safety for operation and development

Wind turbine downtime involves high cost. HBM measurement technology helps you identify mechanical stress on wind turbine components at an early stage and hence minimize downtime.

In addition, professional software solutions from HBM nCode enable you to perform fatigue analysis during the design of wind energy facilities—for optimal and safe dimensioning of all components.

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Durability analysis in the design of wind turbines

Wind turbine test with durability analysis

HBM nCode software solutions help you understand the key influencing factors that affect the structural integrity and reliability of wind energy facilities. HBM nCode fatigue and durability test software enables you, for example, to:

  • Optimize structures in terms of weight, cost, and service life—based on actual input data,
  • Test new designs and compare them to existing structures,
  • Monitor and analyze wind energy facilities during operation to enable potential problems to be identified at an early stage and gain experiences for follow-up models.

nCode DesignLife certified by GL

The nCode DesignLife advanced fatigue solver is certified by GL Renewables Certification (GL RC) which assures customers that their component designs, such as wind turbine hubs and main shafts, can be analyzed in conformity with GL Renewables Certification’s Guideline for the Certification of Wind Turbines (2010) by choosing the right settings in the software. This includes fatigue analysis under complex real world loading conditions specified in GL RC’s guidelines or IEC 61400-1 international standard.

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Wind turbine component tests

Wind energy facilities are exposed to numerous forces and other physical quantities. Therefore, place your trust in safety provided by modern measurement technology for your wind turbine testing. HBM allows you to benefit from products for the entire measurement chain: Ranging from transducers through amplifiers and powerful measurement software.

For example, for the following tasks:

Structural tests on wind turbine installations

Do you want to know more about the stability and efficiency of your wind energy facility? HBM measurement technology helps you find the right solution. For example, experimental stress analysis and structural tests on foundations and structures. These tests can be performed using electrical strain gages and optical strain gages from HBM.

In addition, HBM's competent service engineers have many years of experience in the field of offshore and underwater installations for wind turbine testing.

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Heavy Duty Weighing of Wind Turbines

Weighing Service for Wind Turbines

A frequent challenge for wind turbine operators is the requirement to measure the total mass of the structure so the correct support equipment, such as cranes and transport vessels, can be allocated prior to installation to minimize delays and vastly reduce costs.

HBM offers a complete measuring service for these offshore structures based on its established C18 reference compressive force transducers with up to 5 MN load capacity per cell.

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