PMX data acquisition and control system - The new industry standard for measurement

The sharpest measurement technology from HBM, perfectly designed for use in modern production: PMX, the new data acquisition and signal conditioning system for use in production control and industrial test benches. Strong performance, precise, reliable and highly efficient.

PMX enables professional and precise acquisition of force, torque, vibration, pressure, strain, temperature, voltage, current, frequency, speed, angle of rotation, rotational direction and many other quantities. All channels are rated with 38,400 samples per second. With 16 measuring channels and 32 calculating channels, PMX as a whole is rated up to 400,000 values per second.

This is not all: thanks to the support of real-time communication via Industrial Ethernet, a modern browser based user-software and flexible plug-in cards; it makes PMX the ideal module for application in modern production plants. All of this at an unbeatable price.

This makes PMX the first choice in process control, press-fit monitoring, monitoring of machines, industrial test benches and end-of-line test stands.

Product Description: PMX Signal Conditioner

Deciding to use PMX means you are using the newest industry standard in measurement technology. Furthermore, the PMX data acquisition control system sets ground breaking standards for use in production and test stands.

High precision for optimum results in production

High accuracy when acquiring measurement data gives you considerable efficiency advantages in your production processes. With a sampling rate up to 38,4kHz, PMX offers the greatest precision for optimal quality assurance.

Moreover, PMX can already process the signal internally and transfer this in real-time to your automation system. PMX identifies transducers automatically thanks to the integrated TEDS system: this is dynamic plug and measurement technology for efficient production.

Real-time data acquisition via Industrial Ethernet

PMX supports current Industrial Ethernet technology: for example Profibus, ProfiNET, EtherCAT and Ethernet/IP (available within short). Therefore PMX integrates seamlessly into modern production plants and enables the measurement, calculation and automation of your data in real-time.

Scalability: PMX grows with your requirements

Thanks to flexible plug-in cards and the possibility to connect different PMX modules to each other, you can increase your number of channels. You can integrate up to 300 measurement channels and up to 600 mathematical calculation channels.

CODESYS V3 software platform

With the CODESYS V3 software platform, PMX is the right solution to many tasks in industrial automation such as factory automation, mobile automation or process automation.

CODESYS provides everything you need for programming, fieldbus and I/O configuration, visualization, motion control and other tasks. Even your own plug-ins! The CODESYS V3 software platform is based on the  IEC 61131-3 programming system. All IEC-61131-3 programming languages are supported.

Not only can PMX with CODESYS V3.5 automate your application, but at the same time it also facilitates real-time visualization and control. Optimal web visualization is created in CODESYS software and run on the PMX together with the application. The amplifier's Ethernet /IP interface allows visualization on all browser based instruments. Thanks to consistent and space-saving cabling, multiple connectors are no longer required.

PMX with its WGX001 basic device already includes a CODESYS Runtime license. CODESYS software V3.5 is available from the supplied PMX-CODESYS CD. The corresponding PMX package and a collection of useful sample programs for code generation, web visualization and integration of CANopen modules are also included. The CD is included in the scope of supply or available for free from HBM.    

You have an application, HBM has the required CODESYS know-how!

Contact our experts. They analyze your task and take over project management - from programming through to the final application and required documentation:

Browser based software

The browser based PMX software sets new standards in terms of performance capability and user interfaces:

  • Easy and intuitive to use, for both users in production and administration.
  • Comprehensive programme library, numerous available drivers and API interfaces for maximum expandability and transparency.
  • The modern interface allows fast access to production data for evaluation and for service and maintenance.
  • Flexible and assured service and maintenance.

Overview of modules

PMX is ready for your application. For each PMX you can have up to 5 plug-in cards for different measurement quantities and communication interfaces: You can easily integrate further PMX modules, for up to 300 measurement channels.

The current PMX modules available are:


  • Wall or DIN rail-mount basic device for 5 PMX modules for up to four measurement or two I/O modules and one real-time Ethernet fieldbus module
  • Max. 16 measurement inputs with 24-bit A/D converter and up to 38.4 kHz sampling rate per channel 
  • 32 real-time calculation channels with peak/limit values and mathematical and scientific functions
  • All measurement and calculation signals can be used in parallel via fieldbus or Ethernet interface or are available for further signal processing via the PX878 analog outputs
  • Short setup time and test cycles thanks to up to 1000 parameter sets/measurement programs stored in the PMX
  • USB 2.0 host interface for reset of device parameters, network settings and user passwords (data storage and monitoring soon available)
  • Integrated, password-protected 3-level user interface (worker/service/administrator)


Identical with WGX002, however, with additional CODESYS Soft PLC (IEC61131-3) as well as web visualization and CANopen (ISO11898) interface

CODESYS: CODESYS Runtime license already stored in the device, CODESYS software V3.5, PMX package and example on CD included in scope of supply
Available memory in the PMX: 10 MB RAM, 100 MB Flash memory
Up to 100 tasks can be used with 300 Hz timer resolution, i.e. timer-controlled tasks up to 3.33 ms

Up to 30 CODESYS channels can be used directly in the PMX for further processing or output, depending on the hardware configuration

CANopen: In combination with CODESYS, the PMX can be operated as CANopen master or CANopen slave via the CANopen interface. All CANopen based sensors and field modules can be integrated.


Four-channel measurement module for analog input signals and active sensors (+/-10 V voltage, +/-20 mA current). Including sensor supply and 1-Wire-TEDS (sensor identification)


Four-channel measurement module for full and half bridges, force transducers and load cells (strain gauges, inductive sensors, LVDT, potentiometric sensors)

  • Including 0-Wire-TEDS (sensor identification)
  • In combination with SD01A Zener barriers, sensors can also be operated as intrinsically safe devices in potentially explosive atmospheres, measurement circuit type (Ex II (1) GD, [EEx ia]IIC).


Frequency measurement module for frequency measurement and counter operation

Channels 1 and 3: Frequency measurement
Channels 2 and 4: Frequency (digital,/inductive), counter, encoder, SSI, PWM (TMC protocol soon available)

Available measurement modes:

  • Up to four torque flanges (T10, T12, T40) for torque or rotational speed measurement (without  detection of the direction of rotation)
  • Or two measurement channels for simultaneous measurement, for rotational speed and angle of rotation (with detection of the direction of rotation)
  • Or one measurement channel for simultaneous measurement, for rotational speed and angle of rotation or reference signal recognition
  • Or two angular/incremental encoders each, SSI, PWM sensors, magnetic transducers or pulse counters
  • Or four measurement channels for frequency measurement up to 2 MHz

including two times shunt calibration and two times 1-Wire-TEDS (sensor identification)


Multi-I/O module with eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs, five analog outputs (+/-10 V voltage)

  • I/O functions are freely adjustable
  • Measurement channels or calculation channels can be output via the analog signals.


Real-time Ethernet module (ProfiNET device) for automation tasks via ProfiNET (RT and IRT protocol)


Real-time Ethernet module (EtherCAT slave) for automation tasks via EtherCAT (up to 9.6 kHz frame rate)


Ethernet/IP interface module for integrating PMX with Ethernet/IP networks, e.g. in machine or factory automation. PX01EP can be connected to any controller used as Ethernet/IP master and allows real-time data transmission. The Ethernet/IP interface module has been developed and tested strictly in compliance with ODVA requirements. A device description file and a sample program are available to facilitate integration of the module. The scope of applications ranges from production control to product testing and machine and system monitoring. Data is transmitted in real time and consistent in time.

    PMX software - flexible and easy to use

    Standardized software interfaces ensure access to all device parameters for configuration, control and analysis. Completely new software and control technology, so far only known from smart phones and tablet PCs, has been used for the first time in test and measurement technology.

    PMX WebServer - integrated in the device

    The browser-based PMX software has set new standards in performance and usability. Complex and error-prone software installation belongs to the past.

    Users and administrators benefit from easy, intuitive control. Three different user levels with corresponding user rights are available to ensure access to the PMX and the process. The modern interface merely requires a web browser-based display and control unit and enables fast access to production data for evaluation and use for servicing and maintenance. Ethernet technologies and Internet now also allow cost savings in remote maintenance.

    Measurement data analysis and quality assurance using catman

    catman is the professional tool for measurement engineers and supports parameterization within a few seconds using an extensible sensor database. The integrated TEDS editor enables TEDS data to be written to and read from sensors fitted with a TEDS chip.

    In addition, catman facilitates building up of individual user and visualization levels and offers comprehensive analysis options. Graphical parameterization of the start and end conditions for test and measurement tasks is easy. The measured data can be saved in different formats, for example BIN, RPCIII, MAT, ASCII or XLS for quality assurance and analysis at any time.

    PMX driver package

    When the test and measurement equipment is used in a complex system, PMX needs to be integrated into the overall system or machine concept. The PMX driver package allows integration into LabVIEWTM* or proprietary software using .NET API (C++, C#, VB.NET). These software tools are used throughout the world and enable convenient and efficient programming and maintenance of user-specific solutions.

    * LabVIEW is a brand of National Instruments.

    ePLAN - Electrical engineering and project planning made easy

    In addition to the industrial amplifiers HBM provides the appropriate ePLAN macros. They allow easy and error-free integration of the instruments in the project planning of the automation environment.

    ePLAN Electric P8 is an engineering tool for modern CAE software supported by a database and facilitates consistent project planning, documentation and administration of automation systems. ePLAN macros enable users to easily integrate the process controllers in their project planning. Parts data, drawings and pin assignments are available in ePLAN Electric P8 immediately after import of the macros.

    The free macros are available on the documentation CD included in the process controllers' scope of supply and can also be downloaded here.

    PMX Tutorial

    In our video Michael Guckes, HBM Product and Application Manager, shows you the key steps for measurements using PMX.

    Application Reports and Technical Articles

    Machine condition monitoring using PMX

    Component parts in rolling mills are subjected to high stress. If e.g. bearings wear out prematurely, product quality decreases. Since this happened at a manufacturer of aluminum products, SKF decided to use HBM's PMX amplifier...

    Smart devices undergo intensive testing

    Modern smartphones and operating units provide fascinating new features and user friendly design. But these devices must pass through an extensive development and testing process before they ever reach consumers.

    Quality control for switching devices

    Switching on and off reliably – over the entire service life of a switching device. Guaranteeing this is the task of end-of-line test benches in switching device manufacturing.

    Press monitoring boosts operating time

    Modern industrial production would be unthinkable without presses. The range of products extends from coins to large automotibile parts. Presses run at up to 800 strokes per minute. The quality of the workpieces that are produced...

    Top-qualitiy steel - reliably recording all parameters

    Depending on the final product, steel must be available in a special shape, alloy and quality. The quality of the outgoing products, sheet steel, is largely determined in production.

    It all comes down to the right quantity of force

    The more precisely powder presses can apply force, the higher the quality of the produced molded parts. The pressure must be accurately measured for exact control. Dorst Technologies has elected to use HBM's PMX amplifier...

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    Your Advantages with PMX

    Flexible: Use in many measurement and automation tasks.

    Scalable and always correct for your requirements.

    Precise and robust: Improve quality and efficiency in your production and test tasks

    Intelligent: Free access to all measurement values and module parameters.

    Economical: The highest quality at a low price.


    HBM provides the appropriate ePLAN macros for PMX. They allow easy and error-free integration of the instruments in the project planning of the automation environment.

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