QuantumX MX1615B Strain Gauge Bridge Amplifier

The MX1615B strain gauge bridge amplifier is perfect for stress analysis; enabling connection of up to 16 sensors or strain gauges (SG) in full-, half-, or quarter-bridge configurations. Only one module is required to measure all mechanical quantities.

The MX1615B bridge amplifier offers unrivaled channel density and supports full integration into the modular data acquisition system. All channels support TEDS; they also have been designed for compatibility with ±10V voltage signals and Pt100 temperature sensor connections.

The MX1615B further distinguishes itself with its 4-, 5-, and 6-wire circuit-based patented technology, employing carrier frequency methods and cyclical auto-adjustment on all channels. All these features make the amplifier particularly rugged and insensitive to electromagnetic and thermal interference from converters, high currents, electric motors, or temperature effects. The amplifier also can support applications involving distant measurement sites. Ethernet TCP/IP allows integration of the MX1615B close to the measurement point to obtain the shortest possible sensor lines.

The amplifier is ideally suited for applications in experimental stress analysis.

Application Areas:

  • Static load tests for the verification of FEM models
  • Quasi-dynamic fatigue tests for durability analyses
  • Monitoring tasks when combined with the QuantumX CX22W data recorder
  • Material testing and residual stress analysis
  • Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA).

User Benefits

  • High flexibility through individual configuration of universal inputs
  • High accuracy using patented circuits that are insensitive to interference effects
  • Analysis of static and dynamic systems via individually configurable measurement rates up to 19.2 kHz/channel
  • Low installation costs through short sensor lines and distributed modules
  • Wide ambient temperature range from 20 to + 65 °C
  • Fast calibration of transducers or validation through internal shunt connection
  • Freely scalable system solution, expandable with all modules from the QuantumX series
  • Powerful and easy-to-use catman AP measurement software for data acquisition, visualization, and analysis
  • Comprehensive software package including LabVIEW™ driver, .NET, CANape drivers, and  Web server.



catman is the professional tool for measurement engineers and supports parameterization within few seconds using an extensible sensor database. The integrated TEDS editor enables reading and writing of TEDS data on a channel - for real Advanced Plug & Measure. catman facilitates building up of user and visualization levels and features comprehensive analysis options. Graphical parameterization of the start and end conditions for test and measurement tasks is easy. The integrated formula editor allows on-line calculation of virtually any channel - without programming. The measured data can be saved in different formats, for example BIN, RPCIII, MAT, ASCII or XLS for analysis at any time.

QuantumX Assistant

The free QuantumX Assistant provides full access to your QuantumX system. The software ensures easy parameterization of all inputs and outputs. TEDS data can be read or written.

QuantumX LabVIEWTM driver

The free QuantumX driver package allows integration into LabVIEWTM.

Click here for more information about the integration of QuantumX in LabVIEWTM

QuantumX .NET API

The .NET / COM API enables users to develop their own applications, including functions to integrate HBM QuantumX modules.

Click here for more information about the QuantumX .NET API

QuantumX CANape driver

The QuantumX CANape driver enables the flexible QuantumX data acquisition system to be easily integrated into the CANape software tool from Vector Informatik. CANape handles communication with the electronic control unit as well as the key tasks such as data acquisition, calibration and diagnosis. QuantumX facilitates integration of additional transducers and sensors - in parallel and synchronously. The QuantumX amplifiers' universal functionality combined with the CANape driver make the system the ideal solution for functional optimization in test benches and road tests.

Click here for more information about the QuantumX CANape driver

DIAdemTM driver

The DIAdemTM driver permits direct integration into this analysis tool.

Integrated web server

The web server integrated in every module visualizes the measured data in any web browser on any computer or tablet PC - without software installation.

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QuantumX MX1615B

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Watch our recorded webinar on MX1615:

QuantumX MX1615: A universal bridge amplifier

White paper on MX1615B

QuantumX MX1615 Experimental Stress Analysis White Paper

Mechanical stress analysis: All-rounder MX1615B from QuantumX series results in reliable measurements.

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