Nicolet Vision and its successor GEN2i: A comparison

Nicolet Vision and its successor GEN2i: A comparison

Since its introduction in 1999, the Nicolet Vision portable data recorder from LDS Nicolet* has had many aficionados. It is fit for mobile use and practically indestructible - in addition, it offers an unparalleled, easy-to-use and clear user interface. The Nicolet Vision was marketed by LDS Nicolet.

Now the Nicolet Vision and Nicolet Vision XP success story continues: With GEN2i, the new portable data recorder from HBM Genesis HighSpeed (formerly LDS Nicolet*).

GEN2i combines the benefits of Nicolet Vision with many technological improvements. And, in addition: GEN2i comes with a large touch screen featuring an ingeniously easy-to-use interface, only known from the latest smart phones so far.

Replace Nicolet Vision now – use the GEN2i data recorder

Now is the right time to replace your old Nicolet Vision with GEN2i from HBM.

Some reasons why you will particularly benefit from replacing the Nicolet measurement data acquisition system with GEN2i:

  • Larger touch screen providing 4 times more information and enhanced ease of use
  • Modular, built-in amplifiers
  • Substantial increase in performance and at the same time nearly identical dimensions and weight
  • Modern interfaces such as USB2.0, WLAN, GBit LAN
  • New: Transient recorder mode: 1000 times higher sample rate available as an option
  • Open Windows 7 PC for Office applications or other software packages, complete Perception version
  • ... and many other improvements.

Comprehensive technical comparison of Nicolet Vision and GEN2i

Download the comprehensive comparison of GEN2i and Nicolet Vision data recorders (PDF).

GEN2i is a next generation measuring instrument - it offers high performance and ease of use, otherwise only known from modern, mobile devices. With its innovative capacity, accuracy, and user friendliness, GEN2i follows in the footsteps of its predecessor models Nicolet Vision, Nicolet Vision XP, Nicolet Integra and Gould TA11.

*HBM Genesis HighSpeed products were previously marketed under the Nicolet and LDS Nicolet brands. The Nicolet brand is owned by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Corporation. Gould is a brand of Gould Electronics GmbH.