Calibration unit

K3607 - Calibration unit

The K3607 calibration unit can be used to calibrate measuring amplifiers or measurement chains without imposing a mechanical quantity on the strain gage transducers belonging to the measurement chain. For this purpose the calibration instrument is equipped with a high-precision resistance network in star configuration, designed to simulate 350-Ω strain gage full-bridge transducers. The extremely low self-capacitance and self-inductance of the inbuilt precision resistors place the calibration instrument in accuracy class 0.025. When an appropriate measuring amplifier is used, the K3607 calibration instrument can be operated in six-wire circuit for balancing the ohmic and capacitive effects of long measurement cables.

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Key Features

  • Suitable for simulating output signals of 350ohm strain gage fullbridge transducers
  • 30 calibration signals between 0.05mV/V and 10mV/V
  • Absolute zero point stability with equivalent star circuit
  • Suitable for transducers supplied with DC voltage and carrier frequency up to 5kHz
  • Mobile application for many measuring chains

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