USB Data Acquisition with espressoDAQ

Do you want to reliably measure physical quantities? Without any problems, without much effort?

High quality and strong performance at an attractive price - this is what the espressoDAQ amplifier family stands for. The USB data acquisition modules are highly compact and, in addition, easy to use in many different applications.

Compact and flexible - the amplifier for every task

Be it force, pressure, temperature or voltage - espressoDAQ provides the right amplifier for your application and measurement task:

DQ430 Strain Gauge Amplifier with Carrier Frequency Technology

Strain gauge full bridge and half bridge DAQ module DQ430

Measure force, pressure and strain!

The DQ430 module features four channels and supports strain gauges in half-bridge and full-bridge configurations.

DQ401 Current Amplifier / Voltage Amplifier

DQ401 current amplifier - voltage amplifier

The DQ401 module enables measurement of current and voltage.

The amplifier features four individually configurable current or voltage inputs.

DQ809 Thermocouple Amplifier

DQ809 thermocouple amplifier for temperature measurement

The DQ809 thermocouple input module permits reliable measurement of temperature.

Eight commonly used thermocouple types can be connected to the amplifier using an adapter.

Key Features

Be it force and pressure, current and voltage or temperature: The espressoDAQ family enables you to get instant measurement results. Fast, convenient and cost-efficient - espressoDAQ offers many benefits:

  • Highly compact: housing size 24 mm x 71 mm x 116 mm
  • Direct PC operation: single-module operation via the PC's USB hub
  • Plug and Measure using TEDS, the Transducer Electronic Data Sheet
  • Transducer connection with RJ45 plugs that can be assembled on site
  • High resolution, premium quality
  • Carrier-frequency technology minimizing external interference effects
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive price per channel.

Plug and Measure

USB Hub espressoDAQ

The fast and easy way to your measurement result

A USB interface enables amplifiers of the espressoDAQ family to be easily connected to the PC.

One module ... is supplied with voltage directly via the PC's USB interface.

Do you want to use several modules at the same time? No problem. Expand your espressoDAQ system in just a few steps!

Several modules ... can be connected via an active USB hub. This enables a fully synchronized system with up to 4 modules to be implemented. USB 2.0 High Speed guarantees the full bandwidth.

Easy configuration

Konfiguration espressoDAQ

Plug in and get going!

The transducers are connected using RJ45 plugs that can be assembled without any tools using cutting-clamping technique. Go here to see how easy it is.

In addition, two of the three amplifiers support TEDS technology (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet). Once the transducer data has been saved to the TEDS chip, the transducer no longer needs to be configured when it is reconnected.

Multiple applications

Anwendungen espressoDAQ

Optimal for mobile use

Is a large-scale measurement system too expensive or too complex for your application?

Whether in the laboratory or in university research projects - the espressoDAQ amplifier family is the ideal solution for multiple applications and is particularly suited for mobile use. Thanks to its compact size and ease of use, measurements during servicing are not a problem at all.

The complete software package

Regardless of whether you prefer software that is easy to use, require integration into the LabVIEW* graphical programming system or want to incorporate espressoDAQ into your own software application - the espressoDAQ software package provides the right solution.

catman®Starter - easy to use

catman®Starter software has been specially tailored for espressoDAQ and convinces through outstanding ease of use. From system configuration through data acquisition and graphical data visualization - a few mouse clicks help you attain your objectives. Graphical analyses and export into commonly used data formats make catman®Starter a practical tool that requires no programming.

See the catman®Starter Video

LabVIEW* driver - integration into graphical programming system

LabVIEW driver enables espressoDAQ modules to be easily integrated, when the LabVIEW* graphical programming environment is used for measurement acquisition. The required glyphs, so-called VI, are available for configuring and acquiring measurement data.

.NET/COM API - powerful function library

Do you want to integrate espressoDAQ into your own software application? API provides a powerful function library. API supports both .NET and COM (ActiveX) based development environments.

* LabVIEW is a brand of National Instruments.

espressoDAQ Case Studies

With the perfect fin toward the windsurfing record

What ensures new speed records in windsurfing? A research project by students of Vienna University of Applied Sciences took spectacular measurements to find the "perfect fin", an important component of modern surfboards.

An idea for tomorrow's traffic: who overloads pays more

The idea of tolls differentiated by the road damage caused is currently tested using a prototype in Romania. On board: HBM measurement technology.

Weighing a giant tortoise using load cells from HBM

Why do the shells of giant turtoises have such widely-varying shapes on different Galapagos islands? A research project in the Netherlands should answer this question by using HBM measurement technology.

Kratos Safety leaves nothing to chance

Kratos Safety is a leading manufacturer of fall arrest equipment. Both in its products and in its tests the company focuses on safety - and relies on data acquired using the complete measuring chain from HBM.

Safer servicing of tram brakes with espressoDAQ from HBM

Brakes of trams must function safely and reliably. HBM's espressoDAQ system ensures safe servicing of tram braking systems, even in mobile service applications.

espressoDAQ USB data acquisition logo

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espressoDAQ amplifiers

  • Individually combinable
  • 24-bit analog-to-digital converter
  • Sampling rate settable per channel
  • 40000 measurements/s

DQ401 - Current/voltage amplifier

DQ430 - Bridge amplifier

DQ809 - Thermocouple amplifier

RJ45 plug assembly - it is as easy as that!

Video RJ45

Compatibility with third party software

HBM DAQ systems can be integrated with 3rd party software or customized applications.

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