PMS40 - Measurement Strain Gauge for Transient Pressure Measurement

Measuring Highly Dynamic Pressure Peaks

With transient pressure measurements, e.g. explosions, shock waves or ultrasonic applications, rise time of the pressure curve is very short and pressure peaks are high. The PMS40 pressure measurement strain gauge enables high pressure peaks up to 10 kBar to be captured.

PMS40 Product Description

PMS40 is easy to use and intended in particular for applications where it is not bonded.

From Strain Gauges to Software - The Complete Measuring Chain

Recording and visualization - The PMS40 pressure measurement strain gauge and Genesis HighSpeed provide you with a complete measuring chain for transient pressure measurement. While PMS40 enables pressure to be easily and swiftly measured, Genesis HighSpeed ensures recording, visualization and analysis of measured values.

Pressure curve with short rise time and high pressure peaks

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