Efficient vehicle drives with measurement technology in the original component

Vehicle drives are at their optimum when the drive train and engine control match perfectly. The torque at the transitionfrom engine to gears determines the design of the components. However, there is insufficient space to be able to measure with additionally installed torque transducers. This is why HBM developed customer-specific torque transducers which replace existing mechanical components with intelligent measurement technology having identical mechanical behavior.

As the highest of accuracies are increasingly demanded, HBM designed and produced the Flexplate transducer as a monolithic component made of high-strength stainless steel with the mechanical interfaces of the original components for temperature ranges up to 120°C. This permits a linearity error, including reversibility error, ofunder 0.1% to be reached. The optimized construction and the design also compensates axial, bending and lateral force effects. The data are transmitted with 16 bit resolution without contact via digital 1 kHz telemetry technology.

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Efficient vehicle drives with measurement technology in the original component
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Advantages at a glance

  • Space-neutral measuring device
  • The mechanical behavior of the drive train does not change
  • Continuous long duration measurements possible
  • Operating temperature range between -20 °C and + 120 °C
  • Robust transducer for continuous operation
  • Interference immune and insensitive to electromagnetic interferences (EMC)

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