Where space is a constraint: the U9C force transducer

The U9C force transducer can be used to measure static and dynamic tensile and compressive force. Nominal forces ranging from 50 N to 50 kN are available as well as variable cable lengths and, on request, TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet).

The U9C tensile and compressive force transducer is mechanically and electrically compatible with its predecessor model and can easily be installed in existing systems. Its extremely compact design further facilitates the integration.

Providing 0.2 accuracy, the U9C offers higher precision than its predecessor. The transducer is based on leading-edge strain gauge technology. Force is applied via a special load application point. Knuckle eyes are available, if needed.

Moreover, the U9C force transducer offers IP67 protection. Precise measurement results are guaranteed even in adverse environments thanks to the hermetically sealed housing from stainless steel and the extremely thin and rugged cable.

Compact, precise, rugged - these characteristics make the U9C highly versatile. Possible fields of application include:

  • Cost-effective test benches for a wide range of applications
  • Control and monitoring of production processes
  • Measurement tasks in development, when other sensors are too big, e.g. for measuring braking forces directly in the brake caliper

Furthermore, the tensile force transducer adapts to the application - cable lengths and connectors are variable. If a plug version is selected, U9C can also be fitted with TEDS. The sensor's identification number will be automatically detected and the amplifier automatically configured.

Product Literature

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Precision in series: This also applies to the accuracy of the values specified in our data sheets. Ideal conditions can often be theoretically attained based on the values given, but our data sheets focus on realistic standard assumptions - such as those likely to be encountered in your application. Therefore, please consider this when comparing our data sheets with those of other manufacturers.

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Key Features

  • Direction of force: Tension/ Compression
  • Accuracy class 0.2
  • Nominal rated forces: 50N- 50kN
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • IP67 protection
  • Configurable with different cable lengths, plug assembly on request