T40B - Digital Torque Transducer with Magnetic Rotational Speed Measuring System

Precise Measurement of Rotational Speed Even at Low Rotational Speeds

Ruggedness and precision - these are the characteristics of T40B, the digital torque sensor with magnetic rotational speed measuring system. T40B is based on the tried and tested T40 torque transducer and is convincing through many new features. The torque meter allows rotational speed measurement and, in addition, monitoring of the direction of rotation. An integrated optional reference pulse enables the angle of rotation to be measured, for example during functional testing.

Product Description

Rugged in the Test Bench

Optical measurement systems reach their limits very quickly in adverse industrial environments. The T40B digital torque transducer is reliable and insensitive to dust and oil mist and is therefore predestined for applications in the automotive industry, such as in engine test stands.

Reliable Measurement of Rotational Speed

T40B features an output pulse count of 1024 pulses/revolution from 50 Nm to 10 kNm, covering all measuring ranges. The magnetic rotational speed measuring system with high output pulse count allows precise measurement of rotational speed in particular with low rotational speeds. Reliable measured values are the result.

Magnetic Rotational Speed Measuring System - Quickly Installed

The rotational speed measuring system can be used, without restrictions, at the torque transducer's maximum rated rotational speed, depending on the measuring range up to 20,000 rpm. The magnetized plastic ring's metal carrier is mounted onto the torque transducer's second free flange and is thus fully integrated. This saves space and significantly facilitates installation.

Flexible Through Multiple Interfaces

T40B offers maximum flexibility. The stator features frequency and voltage standard interfaces. In addition, the digital TMC (Torque Measurement Communication) interface has been integrated. This enables the transducer to be used not only in standalone mode; T40B can also be integrated in various fieldbus-based test bench concepts using the TIM40 interface module or the new TIM-EC EtherCAT interface module, for highest performance with highly dynamic measurements.

Product Literature

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Product Literature

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