TB1A Torque Measuring Disc

TB1A Reference Torque Measuring Disc

The TB1A reference torque measuring disc was developed for non-rotating torque measurement.

It is based on the HBM-patented shear strain measurement principle for torque transducers.

The design of the measuring body with axial shear arms gives the transducer an extremely low profile and gives it extremely high stiffness values to combat torque, as well as bending moments and other parasitic loadings.

Simple, space-saving solutions are possible, as in many cases, the transducer can bear the weight of a driving machine, for example, doing away with the need to buy bearings.

A further characteristic feature, crucial for many structural solutions, is the central bore, which allows a shaft to be run through the measuring disc.

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Key Features

  • Nominal (rated) torques of 100 N•m, 200 N•m, 500 N•m, 1 kN•m, 2 kN•m, 5 kN•m and 10 kN•m
  • Accurancy class 0.05
  • Less space required thanks to the slim design
  • Highly resistant to transverse and longitudinal forces as well as bending moments
  • High permissible vibration bandwith

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