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HBM Academy training and workshops

Competent lecturers, practice-oriented know-how, versatile applications: Measurement engineers throughout the world value the training and workshops of the HBM Academy.

You too can benefit from the various training offered by HBM Academy. They cover all aspects of data acquisition, strain-gauge measurement and the professional analysis of measurement data.

Bring your measurement technology know-how up to date with professional development training that has the perfect mix of sound basic know-how and practical guidance.

USA Webinars

Title Date Vacancies Place
How Mechanical Stress Testing of Materials Validates Finite Element Analysis (FEA)   Nov 04, 2014      Online
eDAQ Master Class Nov 11  –  Nov 13, 2014      Southfield, MI (HBM nCode Training Center)
Curso de entrenamiento HBM (Querétaro)   Nov 18, 2014      Querétaro
Curso de entrenamiento HBM (Tlalnepantla)   Nov 20, 2014      Tlalnepantla - Edo. de México
Residual Stress Analysis Using the Hole Drilling Method   Dec 04, 2014      Online

USA Trainings


Title Date Vacancies Place
eDAQ Master Class Nov 11  –  Nov 13, 2014      Southfield, MI (HBM nCode Training Center)


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GEN series and Perception

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Strain Measurement (Strain Gauges)

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On-site training: We bring the expertise to you

Please contact the HBM Academy team in the U.S. or in Germany if you are interested in HBM Academy creating an on-site training course specifically tailored to your company's needs.

HBM also offers seminars in the UK through HBM-nCode.

Please click here for further information about nCode seminars.

Contact the HBM Academy Team in the US

HBM Academy Team

Tel. 800-578-4260
Fax 217-328-6576

Email: seminars@usa.hbm.com

Attendee feedback

"The training I attended was a good mix of presentation and hands-on applications. Afterwards, I was able to setup an actual data collection system and step through the process of acquiring data. I even carried my training materials with me to the field and used them several times while performing system setup and testing."

Cody F.
John Deere
(Dubuque, Iowa)

"Very good - as a relatively new Genesis and Perception user, it was great to get a comprehensive view of all of the features and capabilities, as well as how others are using them."

Brian T.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
(Orlando, Florida)