Guidelines for the determination of calibration intervals

Strictly seen: A calibration is only valid at the time of implementation.

Suggestions on how to include the effect of reproducibility in the evaluation of simplified calibration procedures

The presented study suggests a method that allows estimating the reproducibility error in torque calibrations without the need of performing several measurement series with the torque transducer being mounted in different...

Investigation of the influence of transducer electronic data sheets (TEDS) on calibration results

The international standard IEEE 1451.4 is the basis for transducer electronic data sheets (TEDS), where information related to the transducer like serial number or nominal sensitivity is stored into a chip inside the transducer....

Strain gage ¼ bridge calibration with shunt signals

In the field of Experimental Stress Analysis hundreds and sometimes thousands of single strain gages are to be measured. Calibration of such big systems can be a tedious task.