Dear HBM torque customer,

We are sorry that marketing information about HBM torque transducers is temporarily unavailable in the United States. Here’s why. We recently received notice from the Federal Communications Commission that the FCC is investigating a complaint that HBM is marketing the T12 torque measuring system when that system may require authorization by the FCC.

While we have never to the best of our knowledge received any complaint or report of interference from HBM torque transducers to other products or systems licensed or unlicensed by the FCC, we are cooperating fully with the FCC, have provided and are continuing to provide all information and documentation requested by the FCC, and will work diligently with the FCC to complete the investigation as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we are required to temporarily stop marketing our torque transducers in the United States and will restart marketing, sales, and delivery of torque transducers in the US as soon as FCC clearance is obtained.

If you have an open order for HBM torque transducers placed, we will be in contact shortly with further information and to discuss handling options. If you have an order pending, please contact your HBM representative. Please note that technical information for support remains available under the Support tab at or by contacting us via, and you can contact by telephone at (800) 578-4260 for either sales or product support information.

HBM takes very seriously the support of our customers with information, support, and supply of products of highest quality and performance and meeting all applicable standards and regulations. Our commitment in this regard remains unchanged.

Again, we are sorry for this disruption and will keep you updated with further information.

Sincerely, HBM