Firmware and software update for QuantumX users

The new firmware version 4.x as well as new versions of the associated software (QuantumX Assistant, drivers, etc.) for our QuantumX data acquisition system are available now.

Users of existing QuantumX modules need to update the respective firmware and software, in particular, if they ...

  • Work with catmanAP/catmanEasy version 3.5 and higher
  • Use new QuantumX modules delivered from now on, in addition to their existing system.

The following versions are the minimum required to ensure full compatibility with your QuantumX modules:

  • QuantumX firmware: Version 4 or higher
  • catman Easy / catman AP: Version 3.5 or higher
  • catman Enterprise: Version 6.5 or higher
  • QuantumX API: Version 4 or higher
  • QuantumX LabVIEW Driver: Version 4 or higher
  • QuantumX CANape Driver: Version 4 or higher
  • HBM DIAdem Driver: Version 5 or higher
  • QuantumX Assistant: Version 4 or higher

The update to the new firmware version and the new versions of the associated software is free for you. Updating the firmware to version 4.x will take about 12 minutes.

Please register on our website to start the download. If you already have a user account, simply log in using your email address.

Latest QuantumX software and firmware downloads

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Software for QuantumX

Description Version Build Size Date
catman Easy / catman AP
Installation Note: Please unzip all files before starting the installation of catman Easy and catman AP.
Hinweis zur Installation: Bitte entpacken Sie alle Dateien, bevor Sie mit der Installation von catman Easy und catman AP beginnen.
3.5.1   549 MByte 03/2014
QuantumX System CD

Download zip file, unpack it and start setup.exe


  • QuantumX Firmware Updater
  • QuantumX Assistant (EN, DE, FR, JP)
  • QuantumX Data Recorder Assistant
  • QuantumX LabVIEW® Driver and Demos
  • QuantumX CANape Driver
  • QuantumX .NET API / Driver and Demos
  • FireWire Driver
  • Manual, Online Help, Datasheets, etc.

4.01   527 MByte 03/2014
Software: DIAdem Driver for QuantumX
Please contact HBM support
5.0   0.1 MByte 03/2014

Firmware for QuantumX

Description Version Build Size Date
QuantumX CX22 / CX22-W
Note: The firmware update for CX22 and CX22-W can be found on a separate FTP server.
Please click the link above for more information
Please execute the update according to operating manual (USB stick necessary).
3.5.1   0.05 MByte 03/2014
QuantumX Firmware (hbg)
Please Note: This firmware can be used to update modules already working on firmware 4.x minimum.
Please use the QuantumX Assistant or catman Easy/AP 3.5.1 to update your module.
4.0.16   11 MByte 03/2014
QuantumX Firmware Package
Please Note: PC software update needed!
With this new firmware you need to install the new PC software (catman Easy/AP 3.5.1 or updated driver from the latest QuantumX System CD).
This firmware can be used to update the following modules: MX840/A, MX440A, MX410, MX460, MX1609/-T, MX1601, MX1615, MX878, MX879, MX471, CX27, MX840A-P, MX1609-P, MX411-P, MX460-P, MX1601-P.
Please use the QuantumX Firmware Updater or catman Easy/AP 3.5.1 to update your module.
Modules with firmware < .64 need to be updated to .76 first. The files can be found on the QuantumX System CD.
4.0.16   401 MByte 03/2014

QuantumX firmware installation instructions

  1. Please install the latest QuantumX Firmware Update Tool from the latest QuantumX System CD package (which can be downloaded above)
  2. Download the firmware and store it in a local folder of your PC.

OR use catman Easy/AP version 3.5 or later to update your QuantumX modules

Our Video Tutorial: How to update the QuantumX firmware