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Somat Downloads

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Somat TCE

Description Version Build Size Date
This firmware version is not compatible with an eDAQ Classic ECPU Processor.
3.22.0 545 5 MByte 11/2014

Somat eDAQ

Description Version Build Size Date
SoMat eDAQ Firmware
3.22.A 544 25 MByte 11/2014


Description Version Build Size Date
SomatCR Assistant Software
SomatCR Assistant is a configuration program for the thermo module MC1609. Its main functions are configuring the modules, doing test measurements with the current configuration and creating DBC files (Vector CAN-DB format) which describe the CAN messages generated by the modules.

System requirements:
  • Operating Systems: XP / Vista / Windows 7; 32 and 64-bit platforms supported
  • Hard disk: Approx. 10MB of free space
  • CAN-interface: SomatCR Assistant supports several CAN adapters. A list can be found in the SomatCR Assistant help. Drivers and tools for CAN adapters are not included with the SomatCR Assistant.   8 MByte 03/2013
SomatCR CAN configuration file
CAN configuration file (.dbc) for SomatCR
Replace ‘xxxxx’ with the serial number of your new SomatCR module
1.1   0.003 MByte 01/2014

Somat InField

Description Version Build Size Date
SoMat InField
2.5.1   29 MByte 05/2012

Somat libsie

Description Version Build Size Date
SoMat libsie
The libsie SIE reader library exposes an object-oriented C API for reading SIE data.
1.0.0   6 MByte  

Somat TCS

Description Version Build Size Date
Setup software for use with the SoMat 2100 Field Computer System (FCS) .
2.15   4 MByte