Windows 7 compatibility list for HBM products

Companies worldwide are upgrading their PC infrastructures to the Windows 7 operating system. Under Windows 7 as well you can trust in reliable measurement results using HBM hardware and software products.

The following HBM products are Windows 7 compatible:

Torque measurement technology

  • T12 Assistant for the T12 digital torque transducer (from version 1.1.104)
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Weighing electronics / Digital load cells

  • AED_Panel 32: software for FIT® load cells (FIT®, FIT®/0, FIT®/1, FIT®/4, FIT®/5) and AD/AED electronics (AD101B, AD103B, AD103C, AD104, AD104C, AD105, AD105C) and load cells PW20i, C16i, C16i3.
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  • WE2107 Panel Software
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DAQ systems and software

  • Assistant software for the QuantumX amplifier system
    Supports single- and multi-core systems with 32-bit and 64-bit systems (in the latter case, configured as 32-bit system)
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  • Assistant software for the MGCplus amplifier system
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  • catman®Easy (from version 3.1)
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  • catman®AP (from version 3.1)
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  • catman®Enterprise
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  • catman®Starter
  • CANHEADdirect System-Check
  • Perception DAQ software for HBM Genesis HighSpeed (32-bit and 64-bit; from version 6.14)
    Perception is also available as a 64-bit-compiled "Enterprise version". This Perception version can only be run on 64-bit systems and therefore utilizes the special performance features of 64-bit processors in particular.
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  • Somat InField field analysis software for HBM Somat (32-bit and 64-bit; from version 2.5.0)
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  • Somat TCE Test Control Environment software for HBM Somat (32-bit and 64-bit; from version 3.15.0 build 397)
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  • HBM nCode Fatigue and Durability Software
    HBM nCode software platform support includes Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit).
    Visit HBM nCode for more information

Industrial Amplifiers

  • PMX WebServer
  • PME Assistant, PME Firmware Loader, EASYsetup, EASY teach (ab Version, MP85A Toolkit, INDUSTRYmonitor, I-P.M Data-Conversion
  • digiCLIP Assistant, digiCLIP Firmware Loader
  • MVD Assistant, Scout55 Assistant
  • CMD Assistant, LabView-Driver
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Our tip: Stay up to date with an HBM software maintenance contract

An HBM software maintenance contract always keeps you up to date. We support you when you update catman®, Perception and HBM nCode software. Upgrading to a new operating system like Windows 7 is made even easier for you.

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