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For over 60 years, HBM Test and Measurement has been synonymous worldwide with reliable measurement results you can trust. Users benefit from cutting-edge measurement technology equipment and, in addition, from our comprehensive knowledge in measurement data acquisition.

In this section you will find an extensive collection of technical articles, tutorials, check lists and videos covering topics on data acquisition, measurement technology, stress analysis and industrial process control. Experience our library of references and technical articles and benefit from the world’s best in test and measurement!

Correct acquisition of measurement quantities

Strain, force, weight, torque - physical measurement quantities play a key role in research, development, industrial process control and weighing technology. We show you what you need to keep in mind when acquiring these measurement quantities.

Torque measurement

Torque measurement articles

Tips & tricks, technical articles, tutorials:

All about torque measurement and torque measurement technology.

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Force Measurement

Force Measurement Know-how

All you need to know about force measurement: Measurement uncertainty, installation, accuracy and the special features of strain-gauge and piezoelectric technology.

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Strain measurement in experimental stress analysis

Strain Measurement Articles

The world's largest collection of materials and articles on experimental stress analysis: No question will remain unanswered!

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Load measurement in weighing technology

Weighing Technology Articles

Load cells guarantee correct results in many applications. Here you will find comprehensive information on the installation and use of weighing technology components.

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Data acquisition using measuring amplifiers & DAQ software

Data acquisition using DAQ systems

Efficiency, flexibility - and absolute reliability: Data acquisition systems in test and measurement must be able to perform a lot of tasks today. Here you will find trends and topics covering the field of amplifiers.

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Use of measurement technology in production environments

Modern production systems rely on 100% quality. Measurement technology is key to this concept. Here you will find all you need to know about interfaces, production concepts and the latest automation technologies.

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