Load measurement with confidence: Technical articles, know-how, tips and tricks

Load cells guarantee correct results in many applications. However, some general conditions need to be taken into account when installing, evaluating and using load cells.

Our articles provide you with tips and information on how to correctly install load cells.

Load Measurement Basics

Setup of a Checkweigher Using Digital Weighing Technology From HBM

This video demonstrates how you get quick and precise results using the FIT7A digital load cell and the PanelX software by HBM.

Fast, precise and cost-efficient: digital load cells open up new markets

The demand for packaging machinery and checkweighers is growing. Precise and yet cost-effective technologies are in demand. Strain gauge based digital load cells play a pivotal role in this trend.

Exact measurement of body weight for precise dosages of medication: SLS lifter scale

An exact measurement of patients' body weight is indispensable for dosing their medication to prevent wrong dosages with serious consequences. Learn more about HBM's solution - the SLS lifter scale.

The heavyweight in weighing technology: HBM – the original

HBM weighing technology stands for precision, safety, dependability and quality - for over 60 years. Learn more about it!

Cables and their impact on test and measurement equipment

The complete measuring chain needs to meet high quality standards. High demands should also be made on the measuring cables.

Structural Design of Tank Weighing Systems

Some essential rules must be followed when installing load cells in tanks. Typical tank designs are represented in a stylized manner by way of example.

Overload protection - good protection for load cells

The constructive outlay of a specially designed overload protection is always justifiable when the load cells need to be loaded up to their maximum capacity, where the risk of overload is always present. Overload protection...

Utilization of weighing modules for load cells to avoid incorrect loading

Incorrect loading of load cells can be avoided utilizing adequate mounting parts. The load cell and the mounting part together form a complex functional unit, a weighing module for load cells. HBM weighing modules come...

Load application in load cells - Tips for users

Correct load application on the load cells is a prerequisite for precise weighing results. Be it load direction, support structure or mounting aids – load application is influenced by multiple factors.

How does a bending beam load cell work?

Bending beam load cells are the most widely used types of load cells. Read this article to learn more about the benefits and properties of bending beams.

Standards and certification for load measurement

The virtual truck scale: new trends you should take note of

Legal requirements to be complied with when operating truck scales are becoming increasingly demanding and can only be met using cutting-edge weighing instruments. Our interactive animation shows what needs to be taken into...

IP69K: the highest degree of protection possible at present. Video available!

When load cells are used in harsh environments, the right degree of protection is crucial. HBM offers load cells up to the highest degree of protection IP69K. Our video demonstrates how much a load cell needs to tolerate ...

The ATEX certificate - explained interactively

Adequate explosion protection plays a crucial role in many applications. Our interactive animation shows you how to correctly read an ATEX certificate.

Accuracy classes - in simple terms

C3, C6, ... What is the significance of the different accuracy classes - and what accuracy is required for what application? Our survey provides useful help.

Well shielded: EMC-tested weighing equipment

Be it in packaging machinery or filling systems- load cells always need to weigh precisely and be easy to integrate. Weighing equipment affecting other technical devices through unwanted electrical effects - or vice versa...

Protection against manipulation in weighing technology using 256-bit encryption

Protection against manipulation is among the major challenges in digital weighing technology. HBM relies on extremely secure 256-bit encryption technology. Why this is so and what are secrets behind this technology? You'll find...

Load cells under test: many promise C6, but few deliver

C6 accuracy is often promised - however, it is not always attained. This article shows you how you really get the quality you need for your weighing technology application.

Use of digital weighing technology in production environments

Legal-for-trade weighing systems in open automation applications

Legal-for-trade capability is mandatory in many automation environments. Which components do you need to use to guarantee that your application is legal for trade? For more information, please read our article.

Automatic weighing instruments for legal-for-trade applications: requirements and directives

Weighing technology plays an important role in many industrial applications, for example in bulk material logistics. Depending on the application, different types of automatic weighing instruments are used. What do you have to...

Preventive maintenance of weighing systems

The technological insides of scales have become increasingly complex over the past years. A consequence: When a scale fails, elimination of the problem takes longer and is likely to be more expensive. The better way: Make sure...

Standardization or customization?

To succeed in today's fierce global competition, companies are always looking for new ways to make their processes more efficient. Quality assurance through effectively monitoring filling and batching processes using modern...

Hygienic Weighing

Clean, accurate weighing: hygienic design is worth it

Hygienic design is a major trend in food processing technologies. This article explains how to benefit from efficient and clean load cells for assuring hygienic processes across the complete production line.

A short history of food hygiene

Here is a brief journey through the history of food hygiene leading to the our own developments in food sanitation through modern technology...

No chance for bacteria or dirt

Clean foods and medicines are essential when health is in question. Production is becoming increasingly automated; a trend that is also the case for plant cleaning. It becomes increasingly important for the design of the plant’s...

Hygienic design is mandatory

Hygiene plays a decisive role in an increasing number of applications in the food industry. This article provides basic considerations on the topic

Clean solution: hygienic system design with HBM load cells

Hygienic system design in weighing technology: HBM's new hygienic load cells play a particularly important role in this context. Read the article to learn what to keep in mind

HBM load cells

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