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This plugin allows to open .bin files from HBM catman directly in DIAdem.

07/2013 1.9.0 74 KB
10/2015 4.1.2 731 MB Release Notes

New features of catman 4.1

Optical strain measurement with HBM FiberSensing Interrogators type FS22SI and FS22DI

  • Display of wavelength
  • Conversion to strain and physical value through computation channel
  • Temperature compensation
  • Spectrum display
  • Peak locking
  • Bessel and Butterworth Low pass filters

New functions for lab testing and vehicle testing

  • Human Body vibration filters according to EN ISO 8041
  • Color-coded channels in y(t) overview graphs: Display color coded data on measurement curves, e.g. speed as color coded data on a curve for axial acceleration.
  • Shunt calibration to adapt your sensor input characteristics (QuantumX only)
  • Additional filters in analysis mode: (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-stop filters with Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev and Elliptic characteristic)

New general functions

  • New Flex table visualization object to display live data, text, calculations, buttons, etc. in cells
  • Cursor synchronization in analysis mode: numerical displays, meters, bars, FFTs and tables can be synchronized with a cursor graph

New features of catman 4.0

New noise analysis functions

  • dBA weighting of acoustic signals
  • 2D color frequency spectrum for analysis of dynamic signals over time
  • Conversion of recorded acoustic signals into an audio file
  • FFT over a highlighted area in the post process

Enhanced device support

  • QuantumX

    • Decimal sample rates (10 kS/s, 100 kS/S)
    • PTP synchronization of distributed systems
    • High-speed mode (up to 200 kS/s)

  • Video recordings with pre-trigger for AVT cameras
  • Improved handling and synchronization of Kistler Wheel Force Transducers (Ethernet)
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