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Torque Transducers - Software and Firmware Downloads

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Descrizione Versione Build Grandezza Data
Device description for TIM-EC Torque Interface Module for EtherCAT
1.11   0.04 MByte 08/2013
TIM-EC Firmware
Firmware for TIM-EC Torque Interface Module for EtherCAT
1.2   3 MByte 08/2014


Descrizione Versione Build Grandezza Data
TIM40 EDS file
TIM40 EDS file for CANbus interfaces
    0.01 MByte 11/2012
TIM40 Firmware
Firmware for TIM40 torque interface module.
1.14   0.4 MByte 11/2012
TIM40 GSD/GSE files
GSD/GSE files for TIM40
    0.003 MByte 01/2009


Descrizione Versione Build Grandezza Data
T12 Assistant
T12 Assistant is a useful tool for setting up and analyzing your measurements. The user friendly PC software provides you with many of functions that enable you to get correct results in a quick and reliable way. Includes also the GSD and GSE files. For Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Installation Note: Please unzip all files before starting the installation of the T12 Assistant.
1.1.104   54 MByte 12/2010
T12 EDS File
EDS file for T12 digital torque measurement system
    0.01 MByte 12/2007
T12 GSD GSE files
GSD and GSE files for T12 digital torque transducer.
    0.002 MByte 04/2006


Important update information for users of T12, PME and digiCLIP software

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