Export guidelines: Supply chain security

Security and transparency are the key to global trade. HBM, as a manufacturer of test and measurement technology products operating worldwide, explicitly commits itself to these objectives.

International guidelines such as AEO in Europe (Authorised Economic Operator) or the corresponding US American C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) provide clear specifications for processes and safety precautions in companies.

HBM has been certified as an AEO (No. DE AEOF 100243) since June 2008. This means that HBM ...

  • has complied with valid customs regulations already in the past and will comply with them in all future business processes too.
  • consistently proves its solvency.
  • complies with high security standards in all its processes.

You, as our customers, will benefit from ...

  • a reliable, secure transport chain.
  • faster customs clearance.
  • higher planning reliability.
  • cost savings through quickest possible delivery.

Export Controls Compliance Policy

HBM's Export Controls Compliance Policy

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