7600 Isolated Digitizer

Powerful and easy to integrate - 7600, the fourth generation of isolated digitizers permits voltage measurement on an extremely high potential. It is optimally suited for applications such as lightning monitoring or monitoring of power lines.

The 7600 isolated digitizer is a remote controlled, fiber optic front-end for GEN series transient recorders (GEN5i/GEN7t/16t). It comprises a transmitter and a receiver unit connected and isolated via fiber-optic cable. A special GEN receiver card is used as receiver unit.

The 7600 isolated digitizer comes without a battery or power supply and has been designed for integration into existing isolation concepts that ensure continuous DC power supply of the receiver unit.

An A/D converter digitizes the analog signals at a sampling rate of up to max. 100 MegaSamples/s and 14 bit resolution.

Fiber-optic isolation prevents ground loops, noise and signal drift and ensures secure separation of test object and test stand. The rugged enclosure from stainless steel permits reliable use in environments subject to electromagnetic interference. Here you learn more about the benefits of galvanic isolation.

Potential fields of application

  • Lightning monitoring
  • Monitoring of power lines.


  • Secure, precise and reliable
  • Wide vibration and temperature range (-10 to +70 °C)
  • Suited for use in difficult-to-access, electric environments.

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7600 Isolated Digitizer

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