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FDA-approved accessories for weighing tasks in Hygienic Design

HBM offers customers FDA-approved gasket rings for various weighing tasks in the food sector.

Torque and rotational speed measurement with independent field bus networks

With the flexible interface module TIM-EC and its EtherCAT interface, HBM is offering a tool for the digital transfer of torque and speed signals.

Industrial amplifier for torque and angle of rotation measurements

As of now, the PMX industrial measuring amplifier from HBM Test and Measurement enables precise and dynamic measurement of frequency, pulse, speed, angle of rotation and torque.

HBM measuring amplifier optimizes production and testing processes

The industrial measuring amplifier PMX enables rapid integration in complete system and machine concepts, delivering numerous web-supported operating options.

HBM wins long-term legal dispute against Zemic.

The long-term legal dispute regarding a patent infringement by Zemic Europe B.V has finally been decided in favor of Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (HBM).

Synchronous measurement of high electrical voltages with other physical parameters

HBM has expanded the modular data acquisition platform QuantumX by a high-precision module for voltages up to 1,000 Volt.

High-speed data acquisition for test bench applications

The new data acquisition device GEN3t in the Genesis Highspeed family pro-duced by HBM Test and Measurement is available as a portable or, optionally, as a control cabinet version

New concept for power measurements and efficiency analysis of electric motors

The new eDrive package from HBM combines continuous, rapid measurement data acquisition with a power/efficiency analyzer and an oscilloscope.

Precise and economical measurement of compressive forces in rough environments

The new SG-based compressive force transducer C10 from HBM enables highly accurate measurements insensitive to external influences due to the radial-symmetrical design.

Rugged Force Transducers Offer High Precision, Configurability

HBM has introduced the C10 line of compressive force transducers. C10 force transducers are not only very precise, but the stainless steel version also is hermetically sealed.

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