New strain transducer with integrated electronics for cost-effective force measurement

The measurement technology specialist HBM is now introducing strain transducers with integrated electronics for simple and cost-effective measurement of forces to the market.

The new SLB700A/06VA-1/2 strain transducer models have an integrated amplifier, making force measurements on components in force shunts particularly easy.

The SLB700A/06VA-1/2 transducer models work with strain gages and have an integrated amplifier, outputting measured values via an analog output with 0 - 10 V or 4 - 20 mA.

The strain transducers work in the force shunt and can be easily attached with 4 screws to the component whose loading is to be determined. A force that acts on a component leads to a strain that is transfered to and measured by the strain transducer. The amplifier integrated in the transducer ensures that the force measurement can be easily set up and implemented. The amplifier is set up for this purpose with a so-called Teach-In method via a control contact.

All that needs to be done is to approach the zero position and the maximum loading, then set the corresponding control impulses. This sets the amplifier so that the output signal is maximum and the resolution is always optimal. The amplifier has a limit frequency of 1,000 Hz so that this strain transducer is also suitable for dynamic measurements.

The SLB700A/06VA-1/2 are suitable for diverse applications, ranging from measurements in wind power plants and monitoring of buildings to applications in production systems such as presses, welding units or injection molding machines. Users already using the passive HBM strain transducer SLB700 can simply replace it with the new active strain transducer with integrated electronics as both versions are mechanically compatible.

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