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HBM provides you sophisticated and innovative weighing technology components specifically for your application:

Professional Services

Play it safe! As your weighing technology partner we provide you with a comprehensive range of services for the field of weighing technology. Fast prototyping enables us to develop customized load cells in the shortest possible time.

  • HBM weighing technology experts are always close at hand, anywhere in the world
  • Fast Prototyping for your specific application
  • On-site installation and maintenance
  • Calibration services
  • Seminars and training sessions.

Application Reports on Weighing Technology

LGC Automation France: Competitive packaging machines thanks to HBM load cells

LGC chose the loading cell PW20i for its weighing and packaging machines, which is optimized for dynamic weighing applications.

World Premiere at FoodTech Fair: HBM leads the way with the new digital load cell FIT7A

HBM has become a key player in the food industry and therefore chose to launch their brand new digital load cell, FIT7A, at Northern Europe's largest FoodTech fair in Herning, Denmark.

Weighing technology takes central role in monitoring of tires production

HBM load cells are used in production for weighing tires to assure the quality of the finished product.

측정기 제조업체 및 인증기관의 요구사항을 만족하는 PW22 로드셀

다양한 시제품을 생산한 HBM은 Simionato와 공동으로PW22 단일 지점 로드셀을 개발하여 인증을 받았고 여러 측정 범위를 가진 산업용 제품 생산을 가능하게 하였습니다.

가장 작은 크기에서 가장 높은 정확성 - PW25는 파우더용 필링 스케일의 위생을 더 강화합니다.

MCPI는 고정밀 파우더용 필링 스케일에 항상 HBM 로드 셀을 사용해 왔습니다. 세척이 간편한 PW25 로드 셀 덕분에 프랑스 회사는 이제 위생적인 시스템도 디자인할 수 있습니다.

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Trend Articles on Weighing Technology

The certificates are all packed on the way to Russia

Certification is required for almost all goods that are imported into the CIS countries. HBM customers can save effort, time and money by obtaining the certificates directly from HBM on request as an additional service.

When precision matters – without risks or side effects: SLS lifter scale

To obtain approval of the lifter scale as a medical product, HBM demonstrated its suitability for use in a medical application in accordance with DIN DIN EN 60601-1-6 and DIN EN 62366.

Overfill protection - reliably determining fill quantities

The permissible deviation of a quantity actually contained in a package from the specified quantity is regulated by law worldwide. Food producers therefore attempt to optimize the quantity of the filled product as far as possible...

CC-Link and the future of industrial networks

HBM met with John Browett, General Manager of the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) and discussed the advantages and future of CC-Link.

Particularly precise test and measurement equipment: Our Product Managers recommend ...

Should particularly high precision be essential to your products, we have the right solution for you. Our Product Managers would like to present our "top stars" in terms of precision.

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